Donald Trump

Trump's fundraising fail imperils House, Senate GOP

Sarah Westwood, David M. Drucker, Al Weaver, Washington Examiner

Donald Trump's staggering failure to raise money in May could set back his presidential campaign and endanger members of his party running down ticket. As the Republican National Committee tries to fill the gap, it leaves the party with fewer resources to invest in congressional and gubernatorial races.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Can you still be a good Christian if you advocate for Donald Trump?

#NeverTrump is heaping scorn on Evangelical Christian leaders for supporting Donald Trump, but perhaps it is they who should be looking in the mirror in search of hypocrites. Plus, Trump’s Evangelical support team will work with him to advance cultural issues; By dumping Lewandowski, Trump signals he’s thinking about his legacy again, and, Poll shows race is closer than the media would have you believe.

Trump on Lewandowski firing: 'Time for a different kind of campaign'

Christiano Lima, Politico

The real estate mogul hinted at a potential change in tone for the campaign, something Republican leaders have been calling for as he prepares to enter into a race against presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Behind the scenes: Angst in Trump’s campaign

Jonathan Swan, The Hill

Campaign sources say that for the past several weeks, Trump was weighing concerns about Lewandowski’s ability to manage a national presidential campaign, which he’s never done before. In addition, there were tensions between Lewandowski’s “let Trump be Trump” approach and the more buttoned-down politics advocated by Trump’s campaign chairman, Paul Manafort.

Trump, not Lewandowski, to blame for campaign's woes

W. James Antle III, Washington Examiner

The biggest problems with Trump's presidential run are of his own making. They can't be solved through a staffing change. They can only be fixed at the top.

Arrest At Trump Rally Foiled An Assassination Attempt!

Neil Stevens, RedState

Las Vegas police had previously reported that a man, 19 year old Michael Sandford of California, tried to take a gun from an officer at a Donald Trump rally. However it's now come out that the man intended to kill Donald Trump.

Donald Trump Apologizes to Pocahontas

Steve Guest, Daily Caller

Donald Trump admitted that he regrets calling Sen. Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” because “I think it’s a tremendous insult to Pocahontas.”

GOP Establishment Running Their 1964 Stop Goldwater Plan Against Trump

There are a lot of parallels between 1964 and 2016, but the most important one is this: By defeating Goldwater, establishment Republicans created the opportunity for Democrats and their progressive Republican allies to bankrupt the country in a war that lacked a strategy for victory and to enact the regulatory and welfare regime that continues to plague our economy and limit our liberty fifty years on.

What ISIS Wants

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

ISIS believes that by repeatedly wounding and provoking the West, it can reignite a war of civilizations. And though the West is vastly superior in nuclear weapons and conventional arms, economic power and technology, ISIS believes it can gradually drive the West out of the Middle East, as it has already helped to drive the Christians out.

A Time for Choosing

Mark Davis, Dallas Morning News

Conservatives must choose whether to stop a Hillary presidency or to be a willing accessory to it.  From the Supreme Court to job creation to fighting jihad to defending the Second Amendment, there is no logic in the universe that suggests she is the better choice.

Overthrow The Establishment To Fix The Economy

Larry Kudlow, Daily Caller

Donald Trump may be an imperfect candidate in his rookie political season, but he gets the basic economic story right: Lower taxes, especially slashing large- and small-business taxes. Roll back regulations. Unleash all forms of energy. Take a market-oriented and consumer-choice approach to health care and education. A friendly attitude toward entrepreneurs.

Can Trump turn it around?

Niall Stanage, The Hill

Republicans are divided about how Donald Trump can dig himself out of the hole that his campaign is in, but they agree on one point: the first step is admitting he has a problem. GOP insiders fear that Trump, whose yearlong run for the presidency has been fueled by sheer force of personality, has not grasped the depth of the challenges he now faces.

Donald Trump Should Thank Ted Cruz For This Speech

We think every American should read or hear this speech by Ted Cruz and Trump’s speech on Muslim terrorism from earlier this week. Their mutual understanding of how to fight and win the war Islam has declared on America and the West revives our faint hope that Trump and Cruz might find a way to work together in the campaign against Hillary Clinton.

For Never Trump, What Follows the French Mistake?

Deroy Murdock, Townhall

Now that the French mistake has gone nowhere, it’s time for Team Never Trump to abandon the launch pad and halt the search for another quixotic projectile that will demolish conservatism in a misguided effort to rescue it.

Heed Trump's Warning

Rich Lowry, Politico Magazine

The immigration debate is so encrusted with clichés, unexamined pieties and politically correct virtue-signaling that any suggestion that we reduce the number or the composition of the current immigrant flow is taken as an attempt to kneecap the Statue of Liberty.

Obama and Ryan Want to Fight You, Not Muslim Terrorists

Many have commented on the folly of the Obama "countering violent extremism" strategy. But there’s an even more sinister element to the refusal by Capitol Hill Republicans to use the power of the purse to correct this negligent and wasteful strategy: through its so-called community partners, the program actually ends up funding individuals and organizations that sympathize with and cover for the terrorists.