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Richard Viguerie on Romney's Trump Attack: 'Criticism Rings Hollow'

Todd Beamon, Newsmax

Mitt Romney's attack on Donald Trump Thursday showed a vigor that was sorely lacking during his 2012 presidential campaign — "so, his criticism rings hollow," conservative activist Richard Viguerie told Newsmax TV. "I wish he had shown that same manner of articulateness, passion, energy, drive, as in 2012 as he did today. But the thing that he's complaining about is really driven to a large extent because of him and his friends, the Republican leadership."

Rubio can't name states he's 'banking on' winning

Eliza Collins, Politico

Marco Rubio couldn’t name any states that he expects to win — just those he thinks he’ll be competitive in. In an interview on CNN Friday, Rubio was asked about his path to the Republican presidential nomination, which is looking increasingly narrower after a poor showing on Super Tuesday, when he won his first and only state so far: Minnesota.

Team Romney looks at blocking Trump at convention

Rebecca Savransky, The Hill

Mitt Romney told his advisors to look into how to block GOP front-runner Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention, CNN reported Thursday. "It sounds like the plan is to lock the convention," a source close to Romney's inner circle told CNN.

Cruz must help break the Establishment

Laura Ingraham, Lifezette

Ted Cruz and his supporters have to make their own decision, but in the long run they need a major shakeup in the GOP Establishment to have a chance of seeing their ideas become law.

Only Two Things Can Stop Trump

By Richard A. Viguerie
Ted Cruz did a good job in the debate last night, but from the perspective of my 50+ years in conservative politics at the national level, it is clear that only two things can stop Donald Trump now:  Trump himself or a united conservative movement.

Rubio and Kasich Make GOP’s Survival Hostage to Trump’s “Pledge”

Josh Hammer, The Resurgent

Consolidating behind Ted Cruz immediately—#CruzOrLose, as I like to refer to this—is hardly a guarantee to stop Trump before a brokered convention.  But there is no middle ground, at all, between this strategy and the brokered convention strategy.  I humbly submit that #CruzOrLose is the better option.

Did dumbed-down conservatism lead to Trump?

W. James Antle III, Washington Examiner

If it weren't for a conservative desire to stoke anger and encourage people to respond to it in the same way they react to team sports, it would be hard to imagine so many people flocking to Trump regardless of his actual substantive public policy positions.

Ben Sasse Explains His #NeverTrump Stand

Elaina Plott, National Review

“But ‘Let’s burn everything down’ is not the right response. Our response should not be to put up a fundamentally dishonest New York liberal to square off with another fundamentally dishonest New York liberal.”

Romney will slam Trump as 'a phony, a fraud'

Jesse Byrnes, The Hill

Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney will slam current GOP front-runner Donald Trump as "a phony, a fraud" during remarks on Thursday, according to multiple reports. Romney will reportedly call on voters to "make the right choices" during a speech at the University of Utah that comes a little more than a week before the final major round of voting in the GOP race on March 15.

Cruz Overperforms, Rubio Gets a Win, Trump Underperforms

Leon H. Wolf, RedState

Make no mistake, Trump is still going to underperform against his expectations. The Vegas odds on his performance on Super Tuesday were that he was going to win 9.5 out of 11 states. Vegas clearly expected him to lose Texas, and 50-50 odds of losing another state. He ended up losing four states. Trump can be beaten.

Memo to GOP Establishment: Ted Cruz is the Best Deal You’re Going to Get from Conservatives

Not only does Senator Cruz have a record of going head-to-head with Donald Trump and winning, he does it by appealing to the same voters that might otherwise vote for Trump, and together their segments make up a solid majority of the Republican base. Much as the Republican establishment would like to present Senator Marco Rubio as a viable alternative to Donald Trump, Rubio's candidacy is a non-starter for a huge percentage of grassroots conservatives who are simply not going to vote for a candidate who has the same position on amnesty for illegal aliens that Hillary Clinton has and wholeheartedly supported Obama’s failed policies in the Middle East.

Trump says everything is negotiable on immigration

Oliver Darcy, The Blaze

The billionaire made the comments when responding to a report that The New York Times has an audio tape in its possession calling into question whether Trump would actually go through with the hardline immigration rhetoric he has sold for months on the campaign trail. Trump called the Times “the most dishonest media group” and said his conversation “was off the record” and now “all of a sudden they leak it, it’s all over the place.”

This One Factor Will Decide Who Wins Super Tuesday

Leon H. Wolf, RedState

A good way to determine whether that is happening, from the exit polls, is to look at the number of late deciding voters who show up at the polls. If that number looks like 45% or so, then the race remains static with Trump in the mid to low 30s. If that number falls to 25 or 30%, then Trump is likely looking at a relatively comfortable Super Tuesday.

Trump: Cruz, Rubio 'double-teamed' me

Gabby Morrongiello, Washington Examiner

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump on Monday suggested that two of his opponents, Sens. Ted Cruz of Texas and Marco Rubio of Florida, acted together to embarrass him during the GOP debate last week.

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