Donald Trump

Ted Cruz has nothing to apologize for

Steve Berman, The Resurgent

Ted Cruz appeared very presidential and focused in his talk with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly. He reminded a friendly crowd that he wants to keep issues that matter in the forefront. Donald Trump claims he won’t be like he campaigns as president, Kelly said, referring to her experience with the billionaire impresario during the first debate last summer. “Actions speak louder than words,” Cruz said.

Sen. Ben Sasse has emerged as the moral compass of the GOP

Philip Klein, Washington Examiner

On the positive side, it's worth taking a quick moment to cheer on Sen. Ben Sasse, the freshman from Nebraska who has quickly emerged as the moral compass of the GOP for his real talk about Trump. For months Sasse — with a mix of mockery and solemness — has methodically pointed out how Trump is unfit for the presidency and is an affront to conservatism.

Conservative Leaders Demand Trump Disclose Hidden Tax Returns

The American people have a right to know that the man or woman who would lead them is beyond reproach in matters of personal finances. If you will not make your returns public we can only assume, at this point, that you are hiding something. Something which, if revealed, could seriously damage your quest for the White House.

FedUp PAC Poll: Conservatives Trust Cruz More Than Trump

A plurality of 45% of conservatives say Cruz is more honest than Trump, while 38% give Trump the edge. Trump’s attacks on Cruz as a liar appear to have had little effect except among Trump’s own voters.

Ted Cruz for President

Erick Erickson, The Resurgent

Marco Rubio had a terrible night with virtually no delegates won at all. If Rubio were to win Florida next week, an increasingly unlikely proposition, even those 99 delegates would not put him close to Ted Cruz. Neither Rubio nor Kasich have the delegates to take on Trump, but Ted Cruz does. The field needs to clear for Cruz.

Cruz beats Trump for big win in Idaho

Gabby Morrongiello, Washington Examiner

Cruz's victory once more demonstrates the strength of his organized field operation in states where his rivals have spent little to no time. An Idaho Politics Weekly poll released last Sunday showed the Texas senator at 19 percent support and trailing Trump by double digits. Instead Cruz was leading by double digits as the first returns came in.

Who Is More Hardline On Immigration: Ted Cruz Or Donald Trump?

Alex Pfeiffer, Daily Caller

NumbersUSA, a prominent immigration restriction group, keeps an ongoing scorecard on 2016 presidential candidates and since updated on March 4, Ted Cruz has an “A” and Trump a “B+”.

Report: Trump campaign manager tussles with reporter

Cyra Master, The Hill

Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields was trying to ask Trump a question as he exited his Tuesday night press conference in Jupiter, Fla. Secret Service agents were starting to clear a path, the report said, when Trump Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski grabbed Fields's arm, moving her out of the way and nearly knocking her to the ground.

Where’s The Establishment GOP’s #NeverHillary Hashtag?

If the Republican establishment really cares about the future of this country and wants to win in November it is time for them to end the #NeverTrump campaign, get Rubio and Kasich out of the race, and join us in backing Ted Cruz and taking up the #NeverHillary campaign.

Is Trump peaking? We’ll find out today

Patrick Reis, Politico

For the first time since Iowa, a non-Trump Republican took home the day’s largest haul of delegates last weekend, as Cruz on Saturday won handily in Maine and Kansas and ran a close second in Louisiana and Kentucky. Repeating that feat Tuesday would put more momentum behind the Texas senator’s campaign and strengthen his case as the GOP’s best, only hope of nominating someone other than Trump.

Cruz's Wins Force GOP to Reconsider Him

Rebecca Berg, Real Clear Politics

Confronted with a new political reality in which Trump and Cruz have emerged as dominant candidates in the Republican presidential primary, increasingly Cruz is looking less like a death sentence and more like a lifesaver to many anti-Trump Republicans.

Rush Is Right — The GOP Cannot Jim Crow Trump Voters

Erick Erickson, The Resurgent

The way to beat Trump is to beat him in the primaries and caucuses, not steal from him the nomination when he gets the most votes. Playing cute by saying he needed 1,237 and came up short does not work in the real world when he has the most delegates. Beat Trump at the ballot box, not the convention.

Ted Cruz is the Only Alternative to Donald Trump

The question now before Republican voters, and especially those inclined to support the wishes of the Party elite in DC, is not Trump vs #NeverTrump, it is who can best unite all of the elements of the winning Republican coalition. And as CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie has pointed out on numerous occasions, that candidate is Ted Cruz.

It’s Time to Unite Behind Ted Cruz. Right Now.

Leon H. Wolf, RedState

Ted Cruz may or may not win in November. Ted Cruz may or may not be the guy you would prefer, if you had your ‘druthers. But the alternative to Ted Cruz is the complete ruination of the Republican party and thus the country as a whole.

Can Trump be Stopped?

Philip Klein, Washington Examiner

Though Trump seems to be made of Teflon due to his ability to survive controversies that would have finished any other candidate, supporters of the anti-Trump rebellion note that at no point in the campaign has he been subjected to the bombardment of negative ads and aggressive attacks from rivals that he'll see in the coming weeks.

Marco Rubio’s bad campaign

Erick Erickson, The Resurgent

Marco Rubio is a wonderful guy and a heck of a politician, but his campaign is terrible and he is ultimately responsible for it. Over a month ago, some of his congressional supporters were telling me that Rubio needed a complete campaign shake up. That shake up never came and his campaign has been more of a donor shake down ever since. They have nothing substantive in place. It’s sad. He has been ill served.

Donald Trump: The Anti-Tea Party Candidate

Tea Party Patriots leader Jenny Beth Martin made a powerful case against Donald Trump in a speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference this past Friday, and in it were points we think every conservative and Tea Party movement supporter should consider as they vote in their respective Republican primaries.