Donald Trump

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Grassroots loves Ted Cruz, the Wall Street Journal loves Marco Rubio

New national poll shows Donald Trump with a huge lead and Ted Cruz on the rise. Plus, “No One” is odds-on favorite to take the Republican nomination according to pundit; Cruz wins key Iowa endorsement, slams Wall Street Journal, and, Jeb Bush may not have many voters, but he still has Bob Dole!

Poll: Two-Thirds Of GOP Primary Voters Back Trump’s Muslim Immigration Proposal

Christian Datoc, Daily Caller

According to Bloomberg, the poll shows an astounding 65 percent of Republicans agreed with Trump following his initial proclamation. After hearing detailed arguments from the opposition, 64 percent of the voters still agreed with the real estate mogul, suggesting “despite some conventional wisdom expressed in the last 48 hours, [the proposal] is unlikely to hurt Trump at least in the primary campaign.”

Why Donald Trump Won’t Be Hurt By His Plan for Muslims

Erick Erickson,

When Donald Trump says no more Muslims, you may hear racism and bigotry, but a growing number of Americans seeing Barack Obama not leading are starting to think Trump’s ideas contrasted to Obama’s are better. If you’re going to beat Donald Trump, offer up and advocate for better ideas. Don’t just call him unhinged or claim we cannot block Muslims from the country.

Trump is (Mostly) Right, Bush and Ryan Wrong on Muslim Immigration

The problem for Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush and others is they don’t want to do the work necessary to investigate the threat to constitutional government posed by Muslims because they already know what it would reveal. It would reveal that hundreds of thousands of recent Muslim immigrants and millions of U.S. Muslims are indeed a security threat, because they agree with San Bernardino Muslim jihadi terrorist Syed Farook that Islam will rule the world, and that Shariah, not the Constitution, is the supreme law by which all in America should live.

This is a brilliant move by Donald Trump

Erick Erickson,

The day after the President failed to reassure a scared public following the second worst terrorist attack since 9/11 on domestic soil, Donald Trump not only got himself to the right of all the other candidates, but also got every single one of them save for Ted Cruz to align themselves with Barack Obama.

America and France turn right

Patrick J. Buchanan, CNS News

The rightward shift in French politics is being replicated across Europe, as nations tighten borders and erect new checkpoints against the tsunami of migrants and refugees from Africa and the Middle East. And the rightward shift is occurring here as well, propelled by the terrorist atrocity in San Bernardino. On immigration, terrorism, borders, crime and security, Americans are moving to the right.

Why Liberal Media Hate Trump

Patrick J. Buchanan, CNS News

His popularity is traceable to the fact that he rejects the moral authority of the media, breaks their commandments, and mocks their condemnations. His contempt for the norms of Political Correctness is daily on display. And that large slice of America that detests a media whose public approval now rivals that of Congress, relishes this defiance. The last thing these folks want Trump to do is to apologize to the press.

9 Pieces of Documentation that Vindicate Trump’s Claim of 9/11 Muslim Celebrations

John Nolte, Breitbart

Contemporaneous reports and eyewitnesses prove once and for all that some number of Muslims did in fact celebrate the collapse of the Twin Towers. Trump was not only right on this point, but by pressing the matter he has forced the DC Media to uncover a truth they did not want to tell.

Herman Cain slams media, establishment ‘lies’ on Trump

Mark Hensch, The Hill

Former GOP presidential contender Herman Cain said late Monday that the media and establishment Republicans are plotting Donald Trump’s downfall. “One of the reasons that I continue to set the record straight every day, as many of you know, is because you have a lot of people in the media and the establishment that are trying to bring down Trump with lies,” he told listeners during an evening rally in Macon, Ga.

Tea party activists convinced Trump eyeing Cruz for ticket

S.A. Miller, Washington Times

A group of tea party activists is convinced that Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump has struck a secret deal with rival Sen. Ted Cruz to guarantee the Texan the vice presidential spot on the ticket, and conservatives are raving that it would be the best pairing since Harry Burnett Reese combined peanut butter and Hershey’s chocolate.

A brief theory of Trump's outrageousness

Byron York, Washington Examiner

Asking for about three times more than he wants helps Trump keep up his image with supporters. Perhaps the biggest part of Trump's appeal to those supporters is that they see him as strong, and other candidates as weak. Trump has to keep sounding strong to keep their support — even if the things he says scandalize others.