Donald Trump

Changes the GOP Should Love

William Murchison, The American Spectator

We really shouldn’t go on this way, asking all the time what POTUS is going to do; asking what POTUS isn’t going to do. Democracies are infinitely larger than lone individuals, howsoever much invested with power. Let’s get on with something else. The scenery-chewing Trump can’t be kept away from political center stage, but out in the audience are Americans looking less for entertainment than for the order-in-liberty and liberty-in-order nobody seems able to find these days. That has to change — as does everything in due course, come to think of it.

Macron Trash Talks 'America First'

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

In France, a poll of voters last week showed that Marine Le Pen's renamed party, Rassemblement National, has moved ahead of Macron's party for the May 2019 European Parliament elections. If there is a valid criticism of Trump's foreign policy, it is not that he has failed to recognize the new realities of the 21st century but that he has not moved expeditiously to dissolve old alliances that put America at risk of war in faraway lands where no vital U.S. interests exist. Why are we still committed to fight for a South Korea far richer and more populous than a nuclear-armed North? Why are U.S. planes and ships still bumping into Russian planes and ships in the Baltic and Black seas?

Trump Is Right: Honest Vote Count No Longer Possible

Activist judges and post-election lawsuits to “count every vote,” whether legal or not, have made a mockery of election laws and left any election decided within the margin of litigation to the whim of liberal judges, not the electorate. This is no way to govern.

Jim Jordan: House GOP Leaders Blew 2018 Election

Democrats are going to spend the next two years harassing President Trump and offering free stuff to voters. The only thing Republicans have that can beat free is keeping the promises made in the 2016 election. We urge CHQ readers and friends to sign our letter to newly elected Republicans urging them to vote for Jim Jordan for House Minority Leader.

Outsiders vs. Insiders: What does it say about Dems when they deny a loss is a loss is a loss?

Eventually the facts catch up to a liar and it’s never been truer than for Democrats hoping to swing legitimately won Republican victories in Florida (and other places). Americans aren’t stupid – they realize when they’re being taken. The question is will Democrats ever acknowledge it.

Doesn't anybody here respect us journalists?

Wesley Pruden, Washington Times

Newspapermen never aspire to celebrity, even the cheesy celebrity accorded by a television camera, and are willing to abide rebuke and worse, even by a president, if that’s what it takes to get the story. That’s the essential difference between a television journalist, for whom celebrity is the all and all, and the newspaperman, who knows he’s following a slightly impolite trade. He has no need of a snowflake’s safe space, where he can retreat from abuse and affront. He measures success by whether he gets the story, and if he gets it right that’s reward enough, and if a politician doesn’t like it, tough.

Jim Acosta: the Don Quixote of fake news

Roger Kimball, The Spectator

The dreadful behavior of the American press — of which Jim Acosta is a poster child — is a bit like the behavior of children at a fun-fair who discover that, for the next half hour, they can hurl water balloons at their schoolmaster with impunity. The teacher, committed to help the local school raise money for a new roof, takes it in his stride. After the outing, he returns to his serious work, while the children snigger together in the corner. That’s what Jim Acosta is like. At least Don Quixote was a gentleman who endeavored to treat those he encountered with respect.

Memo To New GOP House Members: Kevin McCarthy Is Too Dumb And Inept To Be Minority Leader

Rep. Kevin McCarthy is just plain too dumb and incoherent to effectively speak for the Republican minority, let alone lead Republicans to regain the majority. We urge CHQ readers and friends to sign our letter to newly elected Republicans urging them to vote for Jim Jordan for House Minority Leader and call their Republican Representative TODAY to urge him or her to vote for Jim Jordan when the House Republican Conference meets.

Outsiders vs. Insiders: GOPers won’t win in 2020 with the same dumb hacks leading the charge

The political war will rage on regardless of who Republicans choose to lead them in the next Congress. If they’re wise GOP House members will look to the recent past and discover their leaders haven’t aided their cause. New leaders would help them regain what they lost this year.

This Is a Fight to the Finish

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

The war in Washington will not end until the presidency of Donald Trump ends. Everyone seems to sense that now. This is a fight to the finish. A postelection truce that began with Trump congratulating House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi — "I give her a great deal of credit for what she's done and what she's accomplished" — was ancient history by nightfall. To a world watching with fascination this death struggle convulsing our capital, one wonders how attractive American democracy appears. What the Trump-establishment war is about is the soul of America, a war in which a compromise on principle can be seen as a betrayal.

The Myth of Obama, the Myth of Trump and the Reality of Elections

Ben Shapiro, CNS News

We shouldn't be surprised by last night's results. Republicans performed as they've always performed outside of Obama. Democrats performed as they've always performed outside Obama. So, what lesson should Republicans learn? That political gravity applies to President Trump — and that they've got to reach out to the suburban voters they lost in the midterms. What lesson should Democrats learn? The Republican Party remains competitive in swing states, and running to the hard progressive left while shouting about Trump won't cut it. Will either party learn those lessons? Probably not. So buckle up. It's going to be a wild two years.

The one big thing the liberal media never told you about Trump and the midterms

Newt Gingrich, Fox News

The biggest change in this election was the sheer volume of money generated by left-wing billionaires and activist groups who hate President Trump. 2018 was President Trump’s victory, and he and Sen. McConnell will use it well to continue getting judges and other nominees confirmed by the Senate, to block left-wing actions by the Democrats, and to set the stage for key legislative achievements the American people want (probably starting with infrastructure investments and reforms). The president defeated both the money wave and the liberal media – and had a very successful midterm election for a first-term president.

Trump To Issue Orders To Stop Phony Asylum Claims

We have word from the White House that, perhaps as early as today, President Trump will take action to ensure asylum is not a free pass to cross our borders illegally. We applaud President Trump’s decision to use the authorities granted to him by the Immigration and Nationality Act to end the gaming of our dysfunctional immigration system.

Outsiders vs. Insiders: What separates CNN’s Jim Acosta, Nancy Pelosi or any Democrat?

As demonstrated by the events of this week Democrats and their media allies can’t help but whip up turmoil and foster division wherever they venture. Conservatives and Republicans must do more than look on in amazement – it’s time to get to work to ensure 2020 restores some sanity.

Has Trump Put the Senate Out of Democrat Range for 2020?

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

Even though the mainstream will tell you the opposite, to a great degree, Trump is better placed for a reelection than before this midterm.  A recalcitrant House, holding endless hearings no one wants to hear, will give him a useful target against which to run.  The impeachment idea -- previously stupid -- now looks ludicrous.  The big challenge for Trump will be to win the Republican suburbs that drifted away this time. (HINT: It's the economy, stupid.)

Sessions Out, Whitaker In — For Now, and Maybe for Good

Andrew C. McCarthy, National Review

Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation appears to be at a ripe stage, and if Acting Attorney General Whitaker helps steer it to a prompt conclusion, that is all to the good. Whitaker is being prejudged in some quarters as a Trump “loyalist.” That pejorative label is more a function of what the president has reportedly said that he’d like to have in an attorney general (and in other executive offices serving the president). It is not a function of anything Whitaker has actually done. Let’s see how he performs over the next few months. I’m betting he’ll do a fine job.

Jim Acosta violated one of the oldest rules of journalism

Michael Goodwin, New York Post

Just as Acosta can’t go into a movie theater and yell “fire” when there is no fire, he should not have the right to hijack a presidential press conference to suit his own ego. It is also long past time for his colleagues, including those from other outlets, to remind him that his shameful conduct is making all of them look bad. More important, scenes like Wednesday’s further erode the public’s already-declining mistrust of the media and fuel resistance to the First Amendment.

The 'Racist Ad' and News Judgment

L. Brent Bozell III and Tim Graham, CNS News

The media says when an illegal immigrant shoots and kills two law enforcement officers and brags about it, bringing it up is somehow divisive. Why couldn't we unite as Americans around the idea that illegal immigrants shouldn't be killing our cops? Haven't CNN and NBC and the other networks just spent two years making videos to terrify everyone into voting against Donald Trump and his alleged enablers? Haven't they been divisively fearmongering about "democracy dying in darkness" through this entire presidency?

Outsiders vs. Insiders: If history is a guide Dems’ wimpy ‘civility’ will last about a week

Time will tell whether “civility” returned to American politics with the results of this year’s elections. Democrats have never shown much interest in playing nice, least of all when they’re in the majority and calling the shots. Will calmer heads prevail now? Don’t bet the farm on it.