Donald Trump

Reciprocity Is the Method to Trump’s Madness

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

Trump’s entire foreign policy can be summed up as a demand for symmetry from all partners and allies, and tit-for-tat replies to would-be enemies. Did Trump have to be so loud and often crude in his effort to bully America back to reciprocity? Who knows? But it seems impossible to imagine that globalist John McCain, internationalist Barack Obama, or gentlemanly Mitt Romney would ever have called Europe, NATO, Mexico, and Canada to account, or warned Iran or North Korea that tit would be met by tat.

Trump's diplomatic belligerence

Editors, Washington Examiner

Trump, when he talks about international relations, sometimes goes too far. But when he grumbles about allies “taking advantage” of us, he is not wrong. It is true that in NATO and other international institutions America is generally the boss, and it would be folly to demolish or abandon these institutions and this order. But that does not mean they are not in dire need of improvement or that it is not time to try methods of persuasion tougher than those deployed in the past. Trump is applying pressure to our allies to hold them accountable, to make the alliances work. Sometimes that involves being a bit brusque.

How Conservatives Turned a Lemon (1964) Into Lemonade (the Future Successful Movement)

By Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman
The Goldwater campaign was the first mass campaign in modern American history, and its grass-roots nature changed the face of American politics, as we see in this excerpt (No. 14 of 45) from America’s Right Turn.

Outsiders vs. Insiders: Kavanaugh nomination to trigger 2018 version of DC political apocalypse

There’s no doubt the next few months will be an exciting time to be in Washington. All eyes will be on the senate as the two parties deliberate over Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s future. Democrats won’t hold back on the ferocity of their attacks on the man – will the republic survive?

You're fired: Accountability returns to the White House under President Trump

Joseph Curl, Washington Times

From June 30, 2017, to June 30 this year, 141 people who worked for the president have hit the bricks. That’s some 37 percent of the staff. Some 56 percent of the “highest-ranking people in Trump’s White House named in last year’s payroll report have since left or have announced they will soon leave,” the Daily Mail reported this month. Many were fired or pushed out. Those sudden desires to “spend more time with family?” Nuh-uh. There’s a new CEO in town, and this one not only has no problem saying, “You’re fired,” but the onetime star of “The Apprentice” reality TV show also seems to enjoy it.

The lesson for the Right: Trump picked a conservative judge because he had to

Editors, Washington Examiner

Trump provided his list and his promise because conservatives were willing to support him if he would make that promise, and to oppose him if he would not. Trump kept his promise because he suspects that still, many conservatives will support him for keeping it, and would oppose him if he broke it. The lesson is obvious. Conservatives should remain independent from the president and shouldn’t let the man determine their views, one way or another. The commentator or activist who gets on the Trump Train, and the one who declares he will never give any support both sacrifice their leverage.

Trump Heads To NATO Summit With America First Agenda

President Trump’s recognition that the United States cannot and should not continue to subsidize the quality of life for our allies is hardly a conspiracy theory, but an overdue recognition that the Reagan defense build-up was expended long ago, and if the Western alliance is to be maintained, then all its beneficiaries must pay their share.

Agenda for the Trump-Putin Summit

The president’s willingness to meet with nations at odds with America deserves praise. He need not befriend foreign leaders. However, he should communicate with them. If nothing else, the president needs to ensure that both Americans and Russians better understand each other and the issues which unite as well as divide us.

Outsiders vs. Insiders: Are unhinged Democrats on the verge of starting a violent insurrection?

Tensions in America aren’t dying down and ugly incidents are becoming the norm. The left is desperate to release the rage it feels over Donald Trump – and people like Juan Williams aren’t helping things. With a Supreme Court nomination to deal with now, it’ll only get worse.

Is a Trump Court in the Making?

Patrick J. Buchanan, Creators

Clearly, the advisers to George W. Bush and President Trump looked back at the successes and the failures of previous GOP presidents, and have done a far better job of vetting nominees. They reached outside for counsel. It was Trump's 2016 pledge to draw his nominees to the high court from a list of 20 judges and scholars supplied by the Federalist Society that reassured conservatives and helped him unite his party and get elected. On the issue of judicial nominees and justices to the Supreme Court, Trump has kept his word.

Democrats Love Socialism Because They Want To Take Your Stuff And Enslave You

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

Socialism means what’s theirs is theirs and so is what’s yours. Our private property – what we have worked for and accumulated over decades – is no longer ours. It’s theirs, to be done with – to be redistributed – as those in power wish. And if you object, they will send people with guns to make you comply. In contrast, in freedom and capitalism, the people with guns protect you from having what’s yours taken.

Former Sen. Jon Kyl to sherpa Trump's Supreme Court pick through the Senate

Melissa Quinn, Washington Examiner

A former Republican senator will help President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee through the Senate confirmation process, the White House announced Monday. “Former Sen. Jon Kyl has agreed to serve as the sherpa for the president’s nominee to the Supreme Court,” said White House spokesman Raj Shah. During his time in the Senate, Kyl served on the Senate Judiciary Committee, which will oversee the confirmation hearings for Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court. Kyl was on the panel during the confirmations of four of the last five Supreme Court justices.

Thanks to Shamelessly Dishonest Liberals, Conservatives Have No Chance in 1964 (13 of 45)

By Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman
The assassination of President Kennedy presented a new and unparalleled opportunity to smear conservatives, and the liberal media and LBJ took full advantage of it.  That worked in 1964, but conservatives would not be defeated that easily, as we see in this excerpt (No. 13 of 45) from America’s Right Turn.

Outsiders vs. Insiders: Suicidal Democrats risk disaster by defending the remorseless Waters

Liberals may think they’re laying the groundwork for political success by backing their own no matter what anyone says or does but they’re really just setting themselves up for failure. Maxine Waters has become a lightning rod for a reason – Democrats are suicidal to follow her lead.

Galvanized by contempt

Newt Gingrich, Fox News

The fact is, Mr. Trump’s first 18 months in office have been a resounding success. His administration’s policies have resulted in a roaring economy, record low unemployment, increased wages, reduced illegal border crossings, the largest income tax cut and reform in 31 years, a massive reduction in federal rule-making, the near destruction of ISIS and better health care for veterans. For those in Mr. Trump’s America, the truth is our greatest weapon. We must continue to tell it.

Making book on a sure thing

Wesley Pruden, Washington Times

Desperate circumstances lead to fantasies of desperate solutions. Chuck Schumer looks at the numbers and finds it hard to imagine a way to block the president’s nominee, whoever he or she might be. Even if one or two Republican senators — here’s looking at you, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski — go rogue and vote against the president’s choice, several Democrats at risk of losing their seats will “adjust” their convictions and tweak their principles, and vote to confirm. Or maybe the president can be persuaded to appoint a Democratic swinger to replace Justice Kennedy. Good will, and all that. I put the odds on that at 100 to 1.

Understanding Why Jim Jordan Is Being Smeared

Congressman Jordan made the grave mistake of essentially telling the Deep State's emperor that he had no clothes on. In so doing, he painted a massive target on himself.  By smearing Jordan the Deep State is sending a grave warning to others in Congress who believe as Jordan does: if you persist with your investigation, we will destroy you too.

Bring It On Hillary

As much as Hillary Clinton may want a rematch, Democrats may not be ready for Hillary Version 3.0. A new Harvard CAPS/Harris June poll shows former Vice President Joe Biden beating her almost 2 to 1 among Democrats, even as the Party's feminist elite itch for a rematch with President Trump.

Outsiders vs. Insiders: Immigration quagmire exposes both parties’ leadership deficit in DC

Leadership is in short supply for both parties and the American political situation has deteriorated because of it. No progress will ever be made on immigration until Republicans elect leaders willing to stand up for President Trump’s common-sense reforms. Democrats are simply hopeless.

Jim Jordan Must Be Winning The Race For Speaker

The timing of the allegations against Jim Jordan, their specious nature and the focus on what Jim Jordan “should have known” smells to high heaven of a political hit by Jordan’s RINO enemies.  This is the lowest and vilest attack yet on a conservative seeking a House leadership post and it tells us the Swamp thinks Jordan is winning the race for Speaker.