Donald Trump

Outsiders vs. Insiders: Life-changing events shine spotlight on 2018’s electoral consequences

In our troubled times life-changing events occur whether we’re ready for them or not. Some respond by purchasing a gun to protect themselves while others continue faulting political leaders for making things worse. Elections do have consequences – let’s hope they’re all good this year.

Trump Punks the Media Once More

David Catron, The American Spectator

Trump knows they will provide coverage, and show unnerving images of the caravan while they slander him. But, to paraphrase an observation once made by Reagan aide Michael Deaver to Lesley Stahl, “You guys in Televisionland haven’t figured it out.…When the pictures are powerful and emotional, they override if not completely drown out the sound.” In other words, when the voters watch an army of illegals marching toward our border, knocking down fences and policemen alike, they don’t even hear the talking heads. Trump knows this instinctively, and it is why he’s winning.

Outsiders vs. Insiders: How Halloween’s been ruined by the politically correct thought police

Halloween isn’t the only day Americans wish things could be the way it used to be. Politics has creeped unwantedly into every aspect of our lives – and there’s no going back now. Perhaps today we should take a break from the turmoil and remember the good things in life – and tomorrow start a new trend.

Is This Worse Than '68?

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

After his slim victory, Nixon declared that his government would take as its theme the words on a girl's placard that he had seen in the Ohio town of Deshler: "Bring us together." Nixon tried in his first months, but it was not to be. According to Bryan Burrough, author of "Days of Rage, America's Radical Underground, the FBI, and the Forgotten Age of Revolutionary Violence," "During an eighteen month period in 1971 and 1972, the FBI reported more than 2,500 bombings on U.S. soil, nearly 5 a day." No, 2018 is not 1968, at least not yet.

Why the left hates prosperity

Stephen Moore, Washington Times

Politics is a contact sport. And yes, it really all does come down to winning. There aren’t too many moral victories in politics. As two-time winner Bill Clinton used to say, you can’t change the country if you don’t win. The problem for the Trump haters and the reason they are so spitting angry is that Mr. Trump is changing the country — for the better. Seven of ten voters rate the economy as good or great. Liberals are doubly angry and frustrated because they were so sure he would fail. Hmm. Perhaps they are the ones who are intellectually inferior.

Outsiders vs. Insiders: Pundits pontificate on election odds but voters decide from the booth

Both sides’ advocates will use the remaining days before next week’s elections to make their cases on which party will ultimately control the House. Opinions are worth what you pay for them – but voters determine the results. Conservatives are on fire this year; will good things happen?

Presidents and political duels with media: Why they say it's all Trump's fault

Charles Hurt, Washington Times

What takes over a heart, infects a soul so perversely that a person sees murder, terror and violent crimes and immediately begins plotting how such misdeeds might benefit himself? How such things might advance his own political agenda? Is it the incivility of political rhetoric these days? The media tries drawing a straight line from President Trump’s joyous verbal pounding of the media to actual violence against reporters. That is why there has been so much flood-the-zone coverage of the dastardly murder of Jamal Khashoggi, the occasional columnist for The Washington Post.

'Migrant caravan' has no right to be here

Editors, Washington Examiner

The administration is right to be worried about this march. Many commentators point to the craziest conspiracy theories about the march in order to pretend concerns about it are mere political theater. This argument ignores the obvious fact: this is a real political issue and one on which Republicans and Democrats should be judged in the midterm congressional elections now only a few days away.

Everything Is Trump’s Fault Is Fake News At Its Worst

The establishment media continues to be befuddled by their falling market share and polls that say Americans don’t trust them anymore. They need look no further than these three stories from the past week and the false narratives they promote for the answer to their problems of loss of trust and market share.

Outsiders vs. Insiders: From illegal caravans to economic growth Trump is America’s motivator

Some may not like Trump’s style but he gets results. Instead of equivocating like so many American leaders before him Trump states his positions and backs them up with unrivaled energy and action, qualities conservatives used to only dream about. November 6 couldn’t come soon enough.

The Washington Post Smears Trump Over the Pipe Bombings

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

With their endless charges of racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia America's elite has let Trump's "base" know what it thinks of them. And at his rallies, where Trump's mockery of that elite and its media allies evokes hoots and cheers, Middle America is telling our cultural and political establishment what it thinks of them. Before we were a democracy, we were a republic. And we were always more than just a polity. We were a people and a nation. Today we seem to be two countries and two peoples.

Fake Bombs -- Fake News

Strange is how the bombs seem to be addressed to people who don’t open their own mail, was this an elaborate plot to kill George Soros’ butler or get the mail room clerk at CNN? At this point in the investigation we don’t know who is responsible or what their motives are – all we can do is wait for law enforcement to do their work and for the evidence to reveal the perpetrator.

Outsiders vs. Insiders: Democrats’ ‘fright night at the voting booth’ won’t scare them to victory

Democrats’ lame attempts to scare people over healthcare and the family separation issue won’t motivate undecideds and independents to vote for them on Election Day. Smart people see through the ruse; President Trump and Republicans would be wise to expose the Democrats’ lies.

After bombing attempts, all must agree that violence and terror have no place in politics

Rep. Steve Scalise, Fox News

If we are to stem the tide of violence and violent rhetoric, then it is crucial we all do our part to break down the divisions in our country and reach out to those with different beliefs than our own. America is better than these acts of threats, intimidation and violence against people based on their political beliefs. We are better than this, and we will move beyond this. But now is a time to confront these divisions and remember that what makes America great is that we celebrate our differences, and ultimately we settle them at the ballot box.

Standing down the biggest mob of all

Monica Crowley, Washington Times

In 1968 after the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, Richard Nixon, the law-and-order candidate, won the presidency. So it is with Mr. Trump, another zero-tolerance president for whom leftist mayhem is a political gift. The “vote #JobsNotMobs” message resonates in a center-right country that has little patience for incitement. Let’s hope that the great silent majority is preparing to put its foot down and save America once again from the wrathful clutches of the left’s ferocious mobs.

Outsiders vs. Insiders: Anonymous packages mean bombs away on Americans’ common sense

Political civility took another hit this week courtesy of anonymous mail packages to Democrats allegedly containing explosives. Liberals and the media milked the occasion for all it was worth, no doubt hoping to gain traction in the upcoming elections. Ultimately, we all lose because of it.

In Texas, Trump and Cruz complete the transaction

Byron York, Washington Examiner

Say what you will about Cruz, and Trump, but there could be no greater tribute to the overwhelming power of voters in the American political system than what took place in Houston Monday. The voters changed Cruz's mind. He represents the voters of Texas, and wants to keep doing so, so he supports the president they support, regardless of the past. It doesn't matter whether Cruz believes what he says deep down. What's more important is his signal that he will do what the voters of Texas want. Trump and Cruz have been through a lot, openly loathed each other, and are now virtually composing love songs for each other. Who cares what they really think? The voters made it happen.

The Caravan Means the Wall Will Be Built

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

As for actual construction of the wall, how will it happen? If the Republicans hold the House, which is now a possibility thanks to both the caravan and Kavanaugh, Trump will be on the honeymoon he deserved when first elected. Funding for the wall will be top of the agenda. If they lose the House, Trump will be motivated to have the military build it through the defense budget.  The advent of the caravan will give him plenty of justification for that. As I said, the wall -- book it!