Donald Trump

Comey and the Saturday Night Massacre

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

By 1968, the liberal establishment had lost the mandate it had held since 1933, but not lost its ability to wound and kill presidents. Though Nixon won 49 states, that establishment took him down. Though Ronald Reagan won 49 states, that establishment almost took him down in the Iran-Contra affair. And that is the end they have in mind for President Trump.

Has Trump made the White House press secretary's job impossible?

W. James Antle III, Washington Examiner

"I think the scrutiny is unequivocally different," Spicer told the Washington Examiner. "I mean you can go on TV and be a spokesman for a long time and suddenly every little word and article of clothing, pin, salad in your's just different." That scrutiny is likely to only grow more intense, as the president mulls changes to a job that is starting look like an impossible task.

Outsiders vs. Insiders: When it comes to real American presidents, Trump breaks the mold

Donald Trump the human being is the product of seven decades of learning at the hands of American culture and traditions. He’s so completely apart from every other president – and contemporary politician – that conventional comparisons to the past just won’t stick.

South Korea Elects the Anti-Trump: Whither the Washington-Seoul Alliance?

The policies of newly elected South Korean President Moon Jae-in vary sharply from those of the Trump administration. Many of Moon’s proposals would undercut, even obstruct, Washington’s objectives.

On the Limits of Loyalty

Andrew C. McCarthy, National Review

The FBI director’s status should be no different from that of the attorney general, the CIA director, and other top national-security officials. Particularly in a time of terrorist peril, these positions are of tremendous policy-making consequence. Since the president is ultimately responsible for policy, he should be free to appoint his own preferred nominees, subject to the Senate’s constitutional advice-and-consent check.

President Trump Orders A Real Look At Election Fraud

While voter fraud isn’t a uniquely Democrat problem – if you look hard enough you can find an example or two of Republicans engaged in voter fraud – defense of voter fraud is the unique province of the Democratic Party and the Left.

Outsiders vs. Insiders: The Democrats’ Comey rage is a tale told by idiots signifying nothing

Democrats have gone completely overboard once again on this Comey/Russia/Special Prosecutor matter and people will notice. The truth is out there somewhere and eventually the Democrats will either have to produce a Russia smoking gun or surrender their holster.

What Is America's Goal in the World?

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

Since 1991, we have lost our global preeminence, quadrupled our national debt, and gotten ourselves mired in five Mideast wars, with the neocons clamoring for a sixth, with Iran. With the New World Order and global democracy having been abandoned as America’s great goals, what is the new goal of U.S. foreign policy? What is the strategy to achieve it? Does anyone know?

Trump Fired Science This Week

Jon Cassidy, The American Spectator

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Board of Scientific Counselors has been decimated. Will we ever learn what lawncare is like in Idaho? Or Montana? Here’s hoping they pick a few skeptics, some folks with the opposite disposition of the trope-mongering journalists so sure there’s a war on science that they rarely bother with the details. Their credentials are almost incidental.

Why James Comey Had to Go

Kimberley Strassel, Wall Street Journal

The FBI head was so good at portraying himself as Washington’s last Boy Scout—the only person who ever did the right thing—that few noticed his repeated refusal to do the right thing. Mr. Comey might still have a job if, on any number of occasions, he’d acknowledged his own conflicts and stepped back.

President Trump, ethanol is bad for your voters

Editors, Washington Examiner

Last year's election should have demonstrated that the ethanol industry is a paper tiger. Ethanol lobbyists set up campaign offices all 99 Iowa counties in 2016, yet Ted Cruz won the Republican caucuses running on an anti-ethanol platform. This should have been enough to demonstrate that support for the forced use of ethanol is limited to the small number of people. For the rest of society, it is pernicious. It should be scrapped.

Outsiders vs. Insiders: Make no mistake, hate fuels the left’s outrage machine, not Trump

If this is the best we can expect from our political system in the era of Trump it’s time to stop mincing words and label the “resistance” for what they truly are – anarchists and traitors. They won’t be bargained with and even when you give them what they want they still act “outraged.”

The Trump Administration’s Human Rights Conundrum

Washington obviously can do little to “fix” any of these nations. But America could at least affirm the principle that governments should protect their people’s lives and dignity.

For Comey, a creature of the swamp, a deserved dunking

Charles Hurt, Washington Times

Donald Trump was hired to drain the swamp Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Comey had inhabited for far too long. Now, of course, Mr. Comey has been sacked and the Democrats are losing their minds. None of them seems to think Mr. Comey should not have been fired. They just think he should have been fired sooner. Truth is, they really just think he should have been fired by President Hillary Clinton.

Chaos Is Exhausting

Ross Kaminsky, The American Spectator

Trump supporters’ favorite line is “let Trump be Trump.” It’s understandable for them (and for him) to believe “it got him this far, so why change now?” But if the president can’t change his style Republicans will suffer greatly in the next election. Not because they’re wrong on the issues, but because voters will not see a reason to champion an army without a leader.

President Trump Keeping Promise To Coal Miners

"Since Trump has come back into office, I've gotten back in the mines. Trump has done more for coal in a week than Obama did in an 8-year term," said miner Chad Smith.

Outsiders vs. Insiders: Republicans should not fear the big bad (Democrat) wolf in 2018

There are a lot of factors – some known, some unknown – that will drive the 2018 elections. Republicans would be wise to let the Democrat taunts, threats and campaign “advice” go right on by. Stick to their nationalizing-the-election guns and good things will happen.

The Bipartisan Case against James Comey

Andrew C. McCarthy, National Review

By even his detractors’ accounts, Comey has been an exemplary director in the remaining, extensive aspects of the job, particularly in protecting American national security and speaking out about the challenges faced by the nation’s police in a toxic anti-police environment. Even in disagreeing with him, Jim Comey’s admirers can hope that history will be kinder to him than this moment is.

Trump Strikes A Blow For The Rule Of Law

The firing of James Comey is a much-needed corrective to the Obama – Comey cult of government by personal whim and an important step toward the reestablishment of the rule of law; it should be applauded by all Americans.

Outsiders vs. Insiders: To drain the swamp Trump needs good people to work the pumps

The creatures in this case are even more formidable than the reptiles in a real bog. Their weapons are federal statues, regulations and the court system as well as an army of self-interested politicians who will say anything to sway public opinion in their favor.