Dr. Milton Wolf

How Pat Roberts and the GOP Lost Kansas

Dan Riehl, Breitbart

The Republican Party threw everything they had behind Roberts .... and what did they get for it? Less than 50% of their own base vote, that's what. The anti-Roberts vote was split, not "defeated."

Sen. Pat Roberts Survives Tea Party Challenge

Fox News Staff

Kansas GOP Sen. Pat Roberts became the latest estab. incumbent to fend off a primary challenge from a Tea Party-backed candidate Tues. night, as he survived a late charge by Dr. Milton Wolf. Roberts led Wolf by just under 19,000 votes, winning 48% of the ballots cast to Wolf's 41%. 

KS Senate Race: Positive Conservative Solutions vs. More of the Same

Dr. Milton Wolf, Red State

"A senator should have something far more powerful than just a vote. He should have a voice and use it fearlessly. We need more senators like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee & Rand Paul. After 47 years in Wash., Pat Roberts has mastered the ability to quietly fly under the radar when our nation desperately needed him to fight."

Tea Party Sen. Candidates Look for Cantor-style Upsets

Fox News Staff

Tea Party-backed candidates Dr. Milton Wolf and Joe Carr this week are hoping to follow in the footsteps of a little-known economics professor named Dave Brat who stunned the establishment with his primary win over then-House GOP Leader Eric Cantor, as they target GOP incumbent senators in KS & TN. 

Pat Roberts' Tea Party Foe Gaining in KS

Tarini Parti, Politico

Less than a week before primary day, Kansas Republican Sen. Pat Roberts is still ahead, but he has a real race on his hands against a tea party challenger the establishment had largely written off months ago.

The Next Dave Brat?

Steven Shepard, Politico

Underdog GOP candidates such as Chris McDaniel, Joe Carr, and Milton Wolf want to dethrone establishment incumbents in the 2014 elections.


Matthew Boyle, Breitbart

The mainstream media and GOP Estab. seem to think that nothing like the Cantor loss will happen ever again. But Cantor's defeat could (and likely will) fuel grassroots uprisings against Cochran, Pat Roberts, Landreiu, and Lamar Alexander.

Tea Party PAC Backs Wolf in Race vs. Pat Roberts

Suzanne Perez Tobias, The Wichita Eagle

Tea Party Express announced that it is endorsing physician Milton Wolf in his bid to unseat three-term U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts in the state’s Republican primary.

Cruz Backs Group Hoping to Oust McConnell, Roberts, Cochran

Drew MacKenzie, Newsmax

Ted Cruz has angered the GOP estab. by supporting conservative group the Madison Project, which is attempting to replace incumbent Repub. senators with tea party activists in the midterm elections.

If Wolf Were A GOP Incumbent, NRSC Would Be Defending Him

Dan Reihl, ReihlWorld.com

The NRSC is attacking a conservative and protecting a weak Dem. incumbent in a primary. They go after reform-minded Republicans harder than they do Democrats.

TeaParty Sets Sights on Sen. Roberts

Seth McLaughlin, The Washington Times

“Over the past few decades, he [Sen. Pat Roberts] has unfortunately become the quintessential career politician, failing to thwart the unprecedented growth of government when it really counted,” the Madison Project said. They endorsed conservative candidate Dr. Milton Wolf.

Dr. Wolf to GOP: An 'R' Isn't Enough

Dr. Milton Wolf, Breitbart

Obama's conservative cousin points out that the GOP's problem is that it hasn't been loyal to its own principles. A return to Reagan conservatism is the impetus behind his Senate run.

Dr. Milton Wolf Challenges Sen. Roberts: Tea Party Challenge To Establishment GOP Senators Growing

Dr. Milton Wolf in Kansas and state Rep. Joe Carr in Tennessee are just the first of many limited government constitutional conservatives who must be recruited, nominated and elected if we are to, as Dr. Wolf put it, “save the Republican Party from itself.”