Fire Kathleen Sebelius

Washington’s Drunken Clowns

The problem for the Republican establishment is now that ObamaCare’s inherent flaws are being publicly exposed what are Republicans going to do about it? Right now it looks like they plan to pile in the clown car, keep funding ObamaCare, and give Democrats a free ride past the next election by postponing the individual mandate for a year.

Sebelius Apologizes for OCare Site

Newsmax Wires

During her testimony before Congress, Secretary Sebelius claimed, "The website never crashed. It is functional, but at a very slow speed and very low reliability.” However, the site crashed minutes before her appearance.

Asking the GOP Establishment the Obvious Question About ObamaCare

Why is the Republican establishment happy to give Obama time to fix ObamaCare, but opposed to actually doing the one thing that would stop ObamaCare before it becomes another welfare addiction – defunding it.

GOP May Subpoena Sebelius

Lachlan Markay, Washington Free Beacon

House Repubs threatened to subpoena HHS Sect. Kathleen Sebelius. Thirty-three Repubs also signed a letter to the president urging him to fire Sebelius over problems with the Obamacare website. 

Sebelius Forgets She Works for Taxpayers

Fox News Staff

Kathleen Sebelius is rebuffing calls from Repubs for her to resign over the troubled launch of the ObamaCare website, saying those asking her to resign are “people I don’t work for.” She said that no one is getting fired over the glitches.