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God, Classrooms and Property Rights

When the Founders proclaimed that our rights came from our Creator, no future president or governing body could ever change, or rescind them, because they did not render them. This act ensured that our property rights were free from seizure... if we paid attention.

When Ideologues Use Government to Punish Ivory Owners Rather Than To Save Elephants

To fight poaching the Obama administration could fight poaching.  That is, target those illegally killing elephants and selling illicit ivory. Instead, the Obama administration has decided to play politics.  That is, penalize those trading in legal older ivory.

Obama Administration Turns Antique Collectors And Dealers Into Criminals

In typical Obama fashion the administration is overstepping its authority and common sense in pursuit of a radical agenda to ban the sale or possession of ivory objects, even if acquired legally decades before current treaties went into effect.