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Presidential Horse Race 2016: #NeverTrump’s scalp dance is a tad premature

Donald Trump’s recent struggles with the media have #NeverTrumpers believing they’re about to take a scalp, but they’re sadly mistaken. Plus, #NeverTrump’s latest hope involves a secret delegate revolt; Trump tells GOP it’s a two-way street when it comes to helping him win, and, Trump suggests Jeb Bush (and Mitt Romney?) is behind coup rumors.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: #NeverTrump completes the journey to Neverland

Even after the Orlando Islamic terrorist attack, the #NeverTrump movement is insisting on finding a new candidate. Plus, Instead of supporting Trump’s position, the establishment hits The Donald after Orlando; Marco Rubio’s continued denials concerning running for reelection means he’s closer than ever to saying “yes”, and, Trump points fingers at Obama, Hillary and political correctness in anti-terror speech.