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‘Fire Harry Reid’ becomes GOP rallying cry heading into 2014 elections

Seth McLaughlin, Washington Times

Republicans are casting the midterm elections as a golden opportunity to fire Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid, who has served as lead blocker for Obama’s liberal agenda on Capitol Hill and chief opponent of GOP legislation.

Common Core is Wedge Election Issue for GOP

Dr. Susan Berry, Breitbart

The New York Times says that the nationalized academic standards have grown to be a central electoral issue that is separating establishment Republicans from grass roots, limited government activists.

GOP Massaging Tea Party to Keep 'Unelectable' Candidates Out

Melissa Clyne, Newsmax

A quiet campaign has been underway by traditional Republicans to assuage the tea party as part of the GOP’s bid to reclaim the Senate in the midterm elections, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Today the Conservative TAKEOVER of the GOP Starts In Your Neighborhood

By Richard A. Viguerie, Author & CHQ Chairman

In the latest excerpt from TAKEOVER Richard Viguerie explains how to transform the Republican Party from a half-strength, ideologically split party into a full-strength, 75 percent majority conservative political juggernaut. And it all starts right in your own neighborhood. Buy TAKEOVER TODAY on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or your favorite bookseller!

Santorum: I'm 'Seriously Looking' at 2016 Bid

John Gizzi, NewsMax

Declaring that "if a family crumbles, society crumbles," Rick Santorum made a passionate plea for his party to "reclaim the issue of marriage — a man and a woman raising children — and not to redefine it but to promote."

Reagan Won By Violating His Own 11th Commandment

By Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman

In my new book TAKEOVER I knock down the myth of Ronald Reagan's so-called 11th Commandment and show how Reagan took all the discontents within the Republican Party to build a new majority coalition and defeat the “dime store Democrat” leadership of the Republican establishment.


If you had any doubt whether Rep. Eric Cantor is working against conservatives for political gain in the establishment GOP, this stellar Virginia Vision Action PAC ad video will change your mind. Every conservative should watch this.

Conservative Icon: The Left Is 'Unhinged From Constitution'

WND Staff

CHQ Chairman RIchard Viguerie praised the U.S. Supreme Court decision that removed some campaign donation limitations. "The left is decrying this decision because they long ago became unhinged from the U.S.Constitution.” John McCain joined several liberals in decrying the ruling.

Keep the RNC, RSCC, and RCCC from Playing in Primaries

Gawken, Red State

Every two years, we get several stories about how the national GOP campaign committees are meddling in primaries, either to support an incumbent, or to promote a favored candidate for an open seat. So why not try and end the practice by an institutional rules change?

The Pros and Cons of Ryan's 2015 Budget

Romina Boccia, Heritage Blog

Unfortunately, the Ryan budget proposal doesn’t implement major structural reforms until 2024, which is too slow. Medicare’s fiscal challenges are too severe. The sooner this transition is made, the better.

Famous Republicans Targeted for Dumpster

WND Staff

CHQ's Richard Viguerie states that the Tea party is 'as much a rebellion against the Big Government Republicans' as liberal Dems.

Boehner: Tea Party Has Been Positive for U.S. Staff

Is John Boehner starting to come around to the TEA Party, or just trying to cover his increasingly vulnerable hide? "The only disagreement has been between the Repub. leaders and some of these outside groups on tactics. But people have blown it in to a lot more than it is," Boehner said.

GOP Sees a Path for Senate Through Iowa

Ben Kesling and Beth Reinhard, Wall Street Journal

Iowa Repubs. are energized for this year's Senate race after missteps by the Dem. candidate, making national Dems' task of holding their Senate majority a bit harder.

Ben Carson to Pitch OCare Alternative to GOP Lawmakers

Sandy Fitzgerald, NewsMax

Dr. Ben Carson will talk about his ideas for healthcare reform during a members-only meeting of the Congressional Health Caucus, a group of Republicans that meets regularly to discuss healthcare policy.

Republicans Should Rally Around the Constitution

Larry Perrault, Texas GOP Vote Blog

All conservatives should campaign on and pursue restoring a constitutional standard. 

Boehner Ally Rep. Rogers to Retire

John Bresnahan and Jake Sherman, Politico

Michigan Rep. Mike Rogers is not seeking re-election to Congress, ending a 14-year career in DC. Rogers is chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and an ally of John Boehner. He'll join Cumulus, the talk radio company.

Paul Lays Out Plan to Revamp GOP

Colin Campbell, The Baltimore Sun

"If we want to win again, we have to go to different people with a message of hope and optimism," Sen. Rand Paul said at a fundraiser for the MD Liberty PAC. Part of the issue is the party's image, Paul said.

TeaParty Hater Grayson Mocks Levin’s ‘Gullible’ Audience

David Freddoso, Conservative Intelligence Briefing

The guy who attacked Ted Cruz and insinuated that the Tea Party and KKK are linked is having a pity party over something Mark Levin called him recently. Grayson's running scared, telling his donors that conservative attacks may unseat him this year.

UT Election Law Aims to Limit Conserv. Grassroots, TeaParty

Mark Z. Barabak, LA Times

Utah's estab. GOP leaders angered with Mike Lee's ousting of their candidate in '10 are promoting a compromise measure that'll return more nominating power to the big donors and the GOP-E. The overhaul is part of a larger move by the Repub. establishment to reassert itself, from Capitol Hill.

Older Americans Shifting Toward Repub. Party: Study

Jeffrey M. Jones,

U.S. seniors -- those aged 65+ -- have moved from a reliably Dem. group to a reliably Repub. one over the past two decades. Over the last 7 years, seniors have become less Democratic, and have shown an outright preference for the GOP since 2010.