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Cruz: All of America Needs to be a Real Promise Zone

John Hayward, Human Events

Socialists see "opportunity" as one more resource for them to redistribute. 

Pro-Gun Lawmakers Eye Way to Nullify Fed Gun Control

Dave Urbanski, Associated Press

Having failed in an earlier effort to bar federal agents from enforcing gun regulations in Missouri, conservative lawmakers are trying a new tack this year: banding together with other like-minded states to defy certain federal laws at the same time.

TeaParty: Unlike Christie, Obama Hasn't Held Staff Accountable

Tony Lee, Breitbart

Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder and National Coordinator of the Tea Party Patriots, said her group was still waiting for Obama to hold any of his own top officials accountable as Chris Christie did on Thurs.

Maddow Gets More Heat Over Bogus Koch Report

Debra Heine, Breitbart

Rachel Maddow has doubled down on her spurious "bombshell" report alleging that the nefarious Koch Brothers helped fund a shockingly outrageous initiative in FL (which the vast majority of Floridians support), but no one outside of the MSNBC clown car seems to be buying it.

‘Main Street’ GOP Groups & Their Leftist Funders

Michelle Malkin, National Review Online

Unions are funding Republican groups to help push through amnesty for illegal immigrants. 

More GOP Guvs Eyeing Medicaid Expansion?

Kyle Cheney and Jason Millman, Politico

The GOP plans to make Obamacare a campaign issue in '14; the House plans two anti-OCare votes Fri. But in the states, the Medicaid expansion, worth billions, has proved attractive to nearly a dozen GOP governors.

Cantor, Boehner: Immigration Reform a Priority for 2014

Sandy Fitzgerald, Newsmax

John Boehner and Eric Cantor want to overhaul the immigration system in 2014. Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ) said that Boehner informed the lawmakers that "'this is an issue we have to deal with, and I continue to believe that.'"

Repub. ID Crisis: Record Low Align W/ GOP

Seth McLaughlin, The Washington Times

A record number people (42%) are now identifying themselves as independents, while the number of people that identify as Republicans has dipped to a new low, according to 25 years of Gallup polling.

Republicans Really Could Win It All

Larry J. Sabato, Politico Magazine

These 3 factors -- the president, the economy and the election playing field -- seem to be pointing toward Republican gains in both houses in the 2014 midterms.

New IRS Chief Sees End to TeaParty Investigation

Kendall Breitman, USA Today

John Koskinen, the new head of the IRS, said he believes the agency is "on the home stretch" of completing the investigations into possible political targeting of Tea Party groups. However, a GOP spokeswoman said the process has taken much longer than needed because the IRS resisted congressional document requests.

How Are We Going To Beat Hillary?

How are we going to beat Hillary? History tells us there’s only one way: Nominate a Republican candidate who will campaign and govern as a limited government constitutional conservative.

11 AG's Slam Obama Healthcare Fixes as Illegal

Rebecca Shabad, The Hill

Eleven GOP attorneys general say the Obama administration is breaking the law by repeatedly making changes to ObamaCare without going through Congress.

Karl Rove & The GOP Socialists

Jeffrey Lord, American Spectator

Karl Rove (i.e., architect of the American Crossroads SuperPAC), the US Chamber of Commerce, and the Washington GOP Establishment have declared war on the Reaganite conservative base of the Republican Party.

Two Resolutions Conservatives Must Make and Keep in 2014

There are two New Year’s resolutions that every conservative must make and keep in 2014: The first is to do everything, and we do mean everything, humanly possible to defeat amnesty to illegal aliens. The second is to work to make sure every office – including the all-important Republican Precinct Committeeman positions – on the 2014 Republican Primary ballot has a limited government constitutional conservative candidate filed and running a real campaign.

GOP Retaliation Over Filibuster Change May Jam Senate in 2014

David M. Drucker, Washington Examiner

Senate Repubs. still smarting from a Dem. rules change that diminished their power to block Obama's appointees are vowing retribution against the majority when lawmakers return to work in January.

Red v. Blue States: A Divide Worth Having

J. Robert Smith, American Thinker

The left's error may be in thinking that conservative Americans will eventually go quietly into the good night, permitting the left to work its will.

Rangel: TeaParty 'Cult' Suffers From an 'Illness'

Michael Schaus, Townhall

“When a handful of people [referring to the tea party coalition in the House] can control a larger number of people, to repeal a law that has been passed and declared constitutional by the courts - and they campaign on the issue that it should be repealed- this is past Civics 101. This is illness,” said the Lefty Rep. Rangel.

GOP Must Strike Obamacare Now

David Limbaugh,

When it comes to health care, Republicans need to strike while the iron is hot, and it is white-hot now -- and will probably get worse -- because of the Obamacare disaster.

GOP Can Count Ways to Senate Majority

Donna Cassata, Associated Press

The liberal mainstream media claim that Repubs. count enough competitive races to challenge Dems. for control of the Senate in the 2014 elections, but that the tea party stand in the way of victory. We're sure it's the opposite.

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