Sebelius Apologizes for OCare Site

Newsmax Wires

During her testimony before Congress, Secretary Sebelius claimed, "The website never crashed. It is functional, but at a very slow speed and very low reliability.” However, the site crashed minutes before her appearance.

Asking the GOP Establishment the Obvious Question About ObamaCare

Why is the Republican establishment happy to give Obama time to fix ObamaCare, but opposed to actually doing the one thing that would stop ObamaCare before it becomes another welfare addiction – defunding it.

HHS' Failures Go Beyond Website

Derek Hunter, Daily Caller

A bureaucratic hangup is keeping the CDC from ordering the vaccines it says we may need.

House Conservatives Holding Kathleen Sebelius Responsible for Disaster

Not that we expect any answers -- or at least any straight answers -- from Secretary Sebelius, but the following is the text of the letter Representatives Mick Mulvaney, Trey Gowdy and Jason Chaffetz sent to Sebelius late Monday afternoon.

HHS Slapped W/ Suit on Copyright Violation

Jeryl Bier, The Weekly Standard

The latest indication of the haphazard way in which was developed is the uncredited use of a copyrighted web script for a data function, a violation of the licensing agreement. The software company that owns the function is pursing legal action.