Hillary Clinton

It Is Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, Not Donald Trump, In An ISIS Recruiting Video

streiff, RedState

Hillary Clinton made the astonishing claim that Donald Trump was being used in ISIS recruiting videos. That resulted in a quick bit of “fact checking” by the progressive media which revealed that, no, Donald Trump wasn’t being used in ISIS recruiting videos. As it turns out, there is a prominent American featured in an ISIS recruiting video and that person is Bill Clinton.

Clinton: ‘There are Radicals … in Every Religion in the World’

Patrick Goodenough, CNS News

Radicals exist “in every religion in the world,” Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton said Sunday, explaining her reluctance to speak about “radical Islam.” Appearing on ABC’s “This Week,” Clinton indicated in response to a question on the issue that she is comfortable referring to “radical elements who use a dangerous and distorted view of Islam to promote their jihadist ambitions.”

Woman To Hillary: Should We Believe Your Husband’s Rape Accusers?

Chuck Ross, Daily Caller

“You recently came out to say that all rape victims should be believed? But would say that about Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, and Paula Jones? Should we believe them as well?” The questioner was referring to a tweet Clinton sent out last month asserting that survivors of sexual assault must “be heard, believed, and supported.”