House vote on debt ceiling

A Short-Term Debt Ceiling Increase?

Ed Morrissey, Hot Air

While the Senate prepares to vote on a big raise in the debt ceiling, with Reid hoping to pressure Repubs to avoid a filibuster, Boehner has a new card he’s pulling out of his sleeve, too.

Repubs Must Debunk D's Debt Myths

Ross Kaminsky, American Spectator

Treasury would use incoming revenue to pay interest on the debt before it made other payments. Saying they would do anything else is just a bluff. GOP leaders and a few courageous reporters must start countering the fear-mongering with economic reality or we'll lose.

House to Move to Debt Ceiling Vote

Erik Wasson, The Hill

House Repub. leaders are expected to unveil a bill raising the nation’s $16.7 trillion debt ceiling Weds. The bill is likely to tie the debt ceiling hike to a 1-year delay for key ObamaCare provisions such as the individual mandate.