Iowa caucuses

Presidential Horse Race 2016: ABC Republican debate: The beginning of repetitious Rubio’s precipitous decline

Marco Rubio’s canned and thrice (at least) repeated response to Chris Christie’s attacks on his “25 second speech” will likely damage the Florida senator’s chances in New Hampshire and beyond. Plus,  ABC does a few things differently; Carly Fiorina was barred at the door, but will it end up helping her?; Get the ring ready, the establishment appears ready to propose; Cruz quietly makes his points, shores up conservative support; Trump doesn’t understand eminent domain but loves the police, and, In two more days, we’ll know.

Media declares Marco Rubio's third place finish the real victory of the Iowa caucus

T. Becket Adams, Washington Examiner

The going theory is that by managing expectations effectively, and by beating all poll-based predictions regarding how he'd perform in the Hawkeye State, Rubio actually "won" Monday night by proving he's a genuine contender and that his campaign is "surging."

Republicans outperform Democrats in Iowa caucuses

Moe Lane, RedState

Democrats in Iowa were simply not as engaged in the process as the Republicans were – and Monday night, it showed. The Democrats went to some trouble to arrange this state of affairs. Seldom have I seen such a concerted effort by a party to deliberately dampen its own turnout. Well, they got their wish… and Bernie Sanders almost won the Iowa caucus anyway. So I’d have to say that things aren’t turning out the way the Democrats planned.

The Establishment Media Misses The Real Message In Cruz’s Iowa Victory

Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman
Ted Cruz’s victory in the Iowa Caucuses blew the Republican establishment's idea of a pause or truce in the battle for the culture right out of the sky. Cruz’s unabashed appeal to faith-first voters, his vast support among politically active conservative Christians and Jews, and his deep personal faith guarantee that the cultural issues will not be off the table this campaign.

Cruz Crushes Trump And Rubio In Iowa

Despite the millions of dollars spent against him, the opposition of the entire Republican political establishment and the media fascination with Donald Trump, last night Ted Cruz proved that, when given the choice, voters will vote for the principled limited government constitutional conservative candidate who sticks to his principles – and who runs a smart campaign.

As Crucial Voting Begins Today in Iowa, AFA Action Releases Presidential Voter Guide

“The 2016 presidential election will be crucial for our entire nation, and Christian voters especially must step up, as religious liberties, the protection of life and godly leadership are all paramount for the country,” said AFA Action President Tim Wildmon. “When we fail to protect those things—or fail to elect lawmakers who will work toward the best interest of their constituents—we risk all that our Founding Fathers bestowed on us to make this nation great."

Republican Race Very Much In Flux In Iowa On Caucus Day

Jamie Weinstein, Daily Caller

Nearly half of likely caucus-goers — 45 percent, according to the Des Moines Register poll — say they could still be persuaded to support a different candidate. Almost all the voters The Daily Caller talked to at Rubio and Cruz rallies over the last two days said they hadn’t definitively chosen a candidate, with most still deciding between some combination of Trump, Cruz and Rubio.

FLASH: Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Endorses Ted Cruz For President

"I want our next president to have clear, easily identifiable, conservative principles, which he has lived with for his entire life... I want our next president’s actions and principles to be guided by a spiritual moral compass. I think that man is the man I voted for in this endorsement process; Senator Ted Cruz."
Frank Racz, Fayetteville, NC