Iran deal

Bandow: Pyongyang Remembers Libya

It never was likely that North Korea would yield up its nuclear weapons. But the Obama administration’s Libyan misadventure makes that prospect even less likely.

This is Big: Trump, Cruz to Hold Joint Event to Defeat Iran Deal

The great – and most important message of a Trump – Cruz media event on the Iran nuclear weapons deal isn’t that two Republican presidential candidates are against it; it is that the two populist conservative message carriers are going to get together to let the American people know that we have been betrayed by Obama and the Capitol Hill Republican leadership.

Cruz: States should help derail Iran deal

Amanda Read, Daily Caller

Cruz acknowledged it is a “close legal question,” but that there is some precedent for such action. “Actually, the seminal case that would support the states doing that is a case called Medellín vs. Texas,” Cruz explained. “I’m kind of a little familiar with that case, because I argued and won the case.”