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Presidential Horse Race 2016: Can Ted Cruz weather the Trump storm on the horizon?

Ted Cruz’s convincing win in Wyoming over the weekend brings the Texas senator’s state win streak to five and cuts Trump’s delegate lead to below 200. Plus, Trump’s starring in his own reality TV show again, this time it’s the Republican race; Kasich’s reality TV show looks more like a fantasy…or a comedy, and, Ted Cruz has been dominant since Marco Rubio called it quits.

Conclusion: Should Conservatives Support Trump If He Wins The GOP Nomination?

Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman and George Rasley, Editor, CHQ
The idea that movement conservatives should join forces with the Republican establishment to deny Donald Trump the nomination would be an unforgivable betrayal, perpetuate the near-treasonous sellout of our country, and be a disaster for the conservative movement. We urge Trump and Cruz delegates to form an alliance and to stand together to ensure that the Republican National Convention nominates a conservative – populist ticket.

Part 3: What Should Conservatives Do if Trump Wins the Republican Nomination?

The idea that Ted Cruz and his movement conservative supporters should join forces with the establishment Republican perpetrators of what has become a near-treasonous sellout of our country would prove to be a disaster for the conservative movement and provide no guarantee of a conservative victory in November.