Jeff Sessions

100 Days of Trump: For Senate GOP and the nuclear option, it’s pay me now or pay me later

This week will hinge on whether Mitch McConnell has to push the “nuclear” button. Plus, Both Trump and GOP congressional leaders should remember the voters come first, and, Shameful liberals chastise Pence for observing Christian teachings on self-restraint.

Trump Rolls Back Another Obama Job Killer

President Trump's action ordering the Attorney General to settle the lawsuits pending over Obama's Clean Energy plan opens the possibility that the Attorney General could enter consent agreements with the states, trade associations, rural electric co-ops and labor unions that would put his pro-growth energy policies into a legal framework that would be difficult if not impossible for a future president or Congress to unwind.

Shameful Treatment of Sessions Harms Our Interests

Pete Wilson, Real Clear Politics

Calling for a special prosecutor when there is no evidence to justify it is an irresponsible ploy. Its purpose is to delay Jeff Sessions from launching needed reform for months. It is pure political obstructionism, putting party ahead of country. The American people should reject this disgraceful performance by the Democratic national leadership and demand that they honor the Constitution and the 2016 election that preserved it.