Joe Biden

Assault on America, Day 496: George W. Bush shouldn’t be lecturing Trump on human behavior

The only reason why some liberals praised George W. Bush last week was to score a backhanded slap at President Trump. Trump’s political enemies aren’t always easily identified but they seem to act in predictable ways. Like with different colored bears in the wild, they need to be separated accordingly.

Assault on America, Day 495: Time to hit brakes on federal spending and worry about tomorrow

With the health threat from the coronavirus winding down in the individual states, it’s time to carefully consider the next steps and not sustain the out-of-control federal spending of the past three months. A fiscal emergency can be just as urgent as a disease pandemic, but moves made now will heavily impact the future.

Behind Trump's Strategic Pivot

Patrick J. Buchanan, CNS News

By summer's end, he sees himself as having led us through the medical crisis that is then receding, and up and out of a Second Depression. That will be his best argument for reelection. If this scenario unfolds, Trump can make the case that while China was the origin of the Wuhan virus that killed scores of thousands of Americans, it was Donald J. Trump who led us through the tragedy, and he is leading us forward, once again, to a new prosperity. What will be Joe Biden's argument to lead America, after having sat out the worst crisis since World War II in his basement? Trump's strategic pivot puts Biden in a box.

What did Joe Biden know about Michael Flynn?

Byron York, Washington Examiner

Republicans, as they tried to figure out what steps the intelligence and law enforcement agencies took against incoming President Trump, have always wondered what Obama knew about it. But now, it just so happens that another person who was in the room -- the Oval Office -- is running for president. So it seems reasonable to ask what Joe Biden knew about the intelligence and law enforcement efforts against the Trump team. Trump campaign spokesman Matt Wolking said, "The corrupt media will do its best to cover up this scandal and protect him, but Americans deserve to know: What did Joe Biden know and when did he know it?"

Democrats’ Desperation about Tara Reade Is Growing. So Is Their Hypocrisy.

David Harsanyi, National Review

The problem isn’t that Biden is being treated unjustly, or that he should be treated unjustly; it’s that he is being treated justly by the same people who treat others unjustly. Democrats have yet to explain why Biden is afforded every benefit of the doubt but not Kavanaugh, and not millions of college students. Public figures have every right to demand fair hearings and due process. Voters have every right to judge the credibility of both accuser and accused. Many women are victims. You can’t keep demanding that our political system adjudicate similar incidents under two completely different set of rules. It’s untenable.

Pelosi Redefines Hypocrisy and Destroys #MeToo for… Biden?

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

We need a replacement word for hypocrisy when it reaches the Pelosi level of extreme dissimulation for political ends. But what of the unintended consequences of the hypocrisy-spin-lies (whatever you wish to call it) of Pelosi and others in her party aided and abetted by the media? Some say it has put #MeToo in rigor mortis. But the other unintended victim is something more significant—feminism. We have gone from “Sisterhood is powerful!” to “Screw you, sister!” in a heartbeat, thanks to the first female Speaker of the House. If #MeToo and feminism itself can be thrown over for Joe Biden, then anything’s possible.

Biden Has Become an Albatross for the Democrats

Victor Davis Hanson, PJ Media

Before the August Democratic National Convention, Americans will witness some of the strangest political scramblings in presidential campaign history. Simply put, how does the Democratic Party cut from its neck an albatross — one who has the most delegates but is likely not up to serving as president? And how to do the deed without inciting the moribund Sanders campaign and his army of Bernie bros? A host of Democratic donors and operatives would like Biden to disappear, clearing the way for a replacement such as New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, failed 2016 nominee Hillary Clinton, or former first lady Michelle Obama.

Assault on America, Day 492: ‘Tomorrow’ is just about all that’s left for doddering Joe Biden

It boggles the mind to consider Joe Biden is destined to be the Democrats’ 2020 nominee, as he struggles to string together coherent sentences and doesn’t appear to be in control of his own faculties. Joe’s search for the perfect running mate match must be taxing what’s left of his limited cognitive capacity. Down the road awaits Donald Trump. Daunting.

Joe Biden exposes the fraud of the #MeToo movement

Tammy Bruce, Washington Times

The #MeToo movement has been a cynical political charade. Politics wins out when the accused is a Democrat. The woman is suddenly expendable. For the party and these activist liberals, women are a commodity. Whether or not a woman will be taken seriously by #MeToo activists depends on whether or not they can imagine it. Got it. The Daily Caller Foundation spoke to Ms. Reade about the silence about her alleged experience from women’s groups: “She asked, ” ‘Emily’s List, where are you? Gloria Steinem? Where are you? Where are these people?’ “ Where are they? Busy hammering the final nail in the #MeToo movement coffin.

Assault on America, Day 491: Now more than ever, Trump should tout economy for reelection

Everyone knows the economy will be the foremost issue in this year’s election, and most people recognize President Trump is the best leader to handle the near-impossible task of getting things back to normal. In making the argument, Trump should cite both his record and his experience, assets no opponent could match.

How Long Can Biden Stay In His Basement?

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

Tara Reade is not a matter any presidential candidate wants to discuss while conducting his campaign. But this is only the beginning of Biden’s problems — and of his party’s problems with Biden. The worry is that he is suffering from mental decline and could be destroyed by Trump in a presidential debate. Biden forgets, mumbles, misspeaks, loses his train of thought and appears, at times, confused. Biden has also signaled, by his references to being a “bridge” president, that he will be serving only the single term that would end in 2025 with him having celebrated his 82nd birthday. This makes his vice presidential choice crucial.

Assault on America, Day 490: Forrest Gump sets the line between science and common sense

These days it’s hard to tell where “science” stops and good judgment begins, but the coronavirus conundrum and China’s role in the pandemic will help reveal the dividing line. Democrat politicians can only hide behind graphs, charts and models for so long -- sooner or later, they’ll have to start making sense.

Weekend at Biden’s

Robert Stacy McCain, The American Spectator

Sexual misconduct claims are not really the worst problem for the Biden campaign. Their worst problem is … Joe Biden. Sleepy Joe has spent the past six weeks quarantined in his basement in Delaware, but if he’s really going to be the Democrats’ nominee, he’ll have to go out on the campaign trail sooner or later, and eventually face Trump on the debate stage. Does anyone really believe Biden is up to such a challenge? Or is this campaign turning into a dark comedy we might call “Weekend at Biden’s”? Given the probability that such a farce would conclude with Trump’s reelection, Democrats might yet decide to rewrite the script.

Assault on America, Day 489: Time to fuel up and let Trump be Trump across America again

Word that President Trump plans to get on the road again is welcome news to conservatives and Republicans weary of seeing him confined to the White House and unable to appeal directly to voters instead of being bludgeoned by Democrats and the media without let-up. Here’s to well-worn luggage, Mr. Trump.

America deserves to see Joe Biden’s Supreme Court short list

Carrie Severino, New York Post

Liberal interest groups recognize that Trump’s unprecedented decision to reveal his list of possible Supreme Court nominees was key to his 2016 victory. According to exit polls, the high court was the top issue for one in five voters. Of those, 57 percent went for Trump. Joe Biden doesn’t want to show us his list. The candidates on Biden’s list would likely make the cut based on President Obama’s “empathy standard” — their predisposition to rule for certain classes or interests, not according to the law as it is written. Fact is, independents and the right would be just as interested to know who Biden has in mind. This is scary stuff.

Assault on America, Day 488: COVID-19 will come back in the fall. Tell us what we don’t know

The experts think they’re being helpful by predicting a new round of coronavirus infections after the summer season, but it’s not telling us anything we don’t already know. Debate will continue as to the wisdom of shutting down the economy in the first place. For most of us, it’s time to relearn what it was like to enjoy basic liberties.

When And How Will Gen. Mike Flynn Be Made Whole?

The financial and reputational ruin visited upon General Flynn is especially grievous when one considers that vile people like Christine Blasey Ford and Stormy Daniels raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for their “legal defense” but a good man like General Flynn has been destroyed, not for lying to the FBI, but for telling the truth about the failures of Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Assault on America, Day 485: What happened to #BelieveSurvivors? The Tara Reade travesty

Biden accuser Tara Reade isn’t likely to go away, but the Democrat establishment wouldn’t dream of allowing her a full hearing in the court of public opinion. All the party’s pontificating over “believing survivors” during the Kavanaugh sideshow goes out the window when one of their own is threatened. Grampa Joe will be on the ballot in November.

When would Joe Biden reopen the country?

Byron York, Washington Examiner

Although Biden has remained quiet on what he would actually do in terms of the timing of reopening, he has suggested a position that could be used to justify delaying reopening virtually indefinitely. Indeed, there are some in the public debate who want to see the U.S. economy shut down for significantly longer than it already has been. Setting an unattainable goal for testing would be one way to ensure that the lockdown continues. For all his pledges to do this or that, Biden has not clearly said when, if he were in charge, he would reopen parts of the economy. A lot of people, Democrats and Republicans, would like to hear what Biden would do.

Assault on America, Day 484: Media hypocrites overreact to wrong kind of government shutdown

As the coronavirus episode has revealed, Democrats and their media enablers don’t act the least bit bothered by keeping America’s business doors closed as long as it plays to their political prospects. It’s a far cry from their concerns for federal employees during government shutdowns. How do they explain the distinction?