John Bolton

Establishment Media Ignoring What Just Happened In Iran

While the establishment media have studiously ignored reporting the story, the social media accounts of Middle East and national security experts have been abuzz with questions and information on the huge explosion or explosions that recently rocked a site believed to house one of Iran’s nuclear weapons facilities – the facilities that Obama and the Iranians claimed do not exist.

Do You Speak Trump Or Democrat?

The problem with the impeachment farce (or attempted coup as we prefer) is not that Democrats were “speaking different languages” from Republicans, but that from the very beginning of the Trump presidency Democrats chose to dishonestly present their policy differences with President Trump as self-evident crimes and then tailor the facts and testimony to fit that narrative.

Bolton's old friends are now enemies, and old enemies friends — as long as he is useful against Trump

Byron York, Washington Examiner

Democrats, who in the past would have embraced all those accusations, now suggest Bolton will be a very credible witness. Republicans, who in the past would have rejected all those accusations, now suggest Bolton might not be a credible witness at all. Some of Bolton's old friends are now his enemies, and some of his old enemies are now his friends — at least as long as he might be useful in the cause of removing Trump from office or, failing that, damaging his reelection prospects. It is not at all clear what Bolton will do and what the Senate will want him to do. But it seems difficult to believe the book leaks will stop, especially as decision time on Bolton nears.

Join Conservative Leaders Call The Senate, Demand Your Senators Vote To Acquit President Trump

It is, as the CAP memo says, time for the Senate to bring the proceedings to a close with a vote to acquit the president and return to the business of the American people. The toll-free Capitol Switchboard number (1-866-220-0044), we urge CHQ readers and friends to call their Senators to demand that a motion to acquit President Trump be submitted and voted on immediately.

Rand Paul Shut Out, Cruz Scorches Schiff: Time To Vote And Acquit Trump

After more than 90 questions and 8 hours of debate on Wednesday and Thursday, we agree with Ted Cruz it is time vote to acquit President Trump. The toll-free Capitol Switchboard number (1-866-220-0044), we urge CHQ readers and friends to call their Senators to demand that a motion to acquit President Trump of all charges be submitted and voted on immediately.

Kangaroo court now calls Captain Kangaroo

Charles Hurt, Washington Times

Upon further reflection, perhaps it is only appropriate that Captain Kangaroo (John Bolton) be called before the kangaroo court that has taken over the “World’s Greatest Deliberative Body.” But that does not mean you should actually believe this supposed paraphrased “testimony” from Mr. Bolton. It would probably be wise at this moment to remember that kiss-and-tell books are notoriously unreliable. Not only is the author compromised by the money he got paid to tell the most sensational story he could think up, he is also compromised by the mere fact that he turned on his former boss in the first place. Add to that the fact that Mr. Bolton has been around Washington for a very long time.

Romney Sides With Democrats on Impeachment, Gets Hit By Club for Growth Ad Campaign

The Club for Growth will launch a television advertisement, “Handle,” criticizing Senator Mitt Romney for siding with Democrats in the impeachment process. The ad will run on Fox News in Salt Lake City and Washington, D.C.  and reinforces Lou Dobbs' message that Romney is a "creep," "reprehensible," a "treacherous fool," and a "snake."

Even with Bolton, case against Trump too small for impeachment

Michael Goodwin, New York Post

Bolton’s accusation doesn’t change a key element of Trump’s defense — that he released the aid to Ukraine without getting the investigations he wanted. Even if one assumes it’s true the president outlined a quid pro quo to Bolton in August, he abandoned it in September and got zero benefit. The situation recalls the failed efforts by special counsel Robert Mueller to build an obstruction case against Trump in the Russia probe. There was testimony that Trump ordered aides to fire Mueller, but none did, and Trump didn’t pursue the matter. Even with Bolton, the basic facts in the Ukraine matter remain too light and too small to bear the enormous burden of removing an elected president.

Strong Close: Bondi Unmasks The Biden Corruption Machine, But Do RINOs Care?

Pamela Bondi’s meticulous presentation rendered anything John Bolton might have to say completely irrelevant. It's time to end this charade. The toll-free Capitol Switchboard number (1-866-220-0044), we urge CHQ readers and friends to call their Senators to demand that a motion to dismiss the charges against President Trump be submitted and immediately voted on.

No, Chief Justice Roberts Cannot Issue Subpoenas

Only Senators may identify a witness to be called and no witnesses may be called unless the Senate specifically votes to allow a motion to be filed regarding whether the witness issue will even be debated. No matter how hard the Democrats try to spin this to influence the media narrative, and Chief Justice Roberts. the bottom line is that 51 Senators will decide who – if any – witnesses will be called.

Impeachment defense, Day 2: The Bolton brouhaha

Byron York, Washington Examiner

The Bolton news made it all the more mystifying why the House did not pursue Bolton's testimony. More than three months have passed since it could have issued such a subpoena. The process might be nearly over at this point, with a decision expected soon. And the president would have been given a chance to defend the confidentiality of his relationship with his closest advisers. But the House chose not to act, leaving the issue to Senate Democrats. The defense team went ahead with its carefully-laid plan for Monday. Part of it was a recreating its strong performance on Saturday. Part was celebrity appearances by Kenneth Starr and Alan Dershowitz. The plan did not include John Bolton.

Behind Bolton's decision

Byron York, Washington Examiner

John Bolton shook up the Trump impeachment standoff with his announcement that, if subpoenaed, he is "prepared to testify" before a Senate trial. It's still not clear, of course, when or even if a trial might occur, since House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is withholding the articles of impeachment. But, if there is a trial, and if the Senate subpoenas Bolton, he won't fight. Bolton's statement is an important development. But there is a lot more to the question of testimony in the Senate impeachment trial. It might not even happen — at least four Republican senators would have to join minority Democrats to make it possible. And even if it does, it could quickly turn into a very complicated affair.

Why Trump Needed Someone Like John Bolton

Bobby Jindal, National Review

Trump could use Bolton — or someone like him — to play the role of bad cop both within and outside his administration. Many have noted that the president has the right to choose his advisers. Yes, and grass is green and the sky is blue. The question is not whether he has the right to get rid of Bolton, but rather whether it was the right move. The president’s aversion to war and his willingness to meet with our nation’s adversaries is a strength. John Bolton’s willingness to be honest with the American people about the true intentions of our adversaries is also a strength and a necessity. Who will do that now?

Finally, the Odd Couple Splits

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

What Mattis is saying is that Trump’s goal of extracting us from the “forever war” entails too great a risk, and U.S. troops in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan will have to soldier on, indefinitely. North Korea continues to test missiles that may not be able to hit the U.S. homeland, but they could hit U.S. troops and bases in South Korea and Japan. If, by 2020, Kim Jong Un still refuses to give up his nuclear weapons, Iran is back to enriching uranium, the Taliban atrocities continue unabated, and U.S. troops remain in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan in the same numbers they are today, what does Trump do? What does Trump say?

After Bolton, Should Trump Be Talking to Despots?

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

What to do about Afghanistan? Trump wants to leave but Bolton wants to stay. Horrid as Afghanistan may be — and a culture much of which still treats women like chattel and young boys like concubines in 2019, not to mention subsisting on the production of opium poppies, is pretty horrid indeed — there is little we can do about it. Enough of our young people have been killed or wounded, enough of our treasure spent. Basta! Let's get out, intelligently obviously (i. e. not like Vietnam). And we have plenty to do back home. Now that Bernie Sanders is allying with Linda Sarsour, we have to prevent America from turning into Afghanistan.

Could British Incompetence Lead America To War With Iran?

The Iranians have now made a point of showing the British and the world that they have the same capabilities as the old imperial power, and that they were not afraid to use them. Based on their own diminished capabilities, the British have few good alternatives short of outright capitulation, meaning any military response to the hijacking of their ship would, perforce, involve the United States.

Prospects Of War With Iran Heating Up… Again

Americans might justifiably ask what does the hijacking of a Panamanian-flagged vessel operating out of the UAE and the British seizure of an Iranian vessel operating in violation of international sanctions have to do with us? The answer is that President Trump has approved an operation in which U.S. warships act as sentinels at the entrance to the Persian Gulf.

Conservatives Divided On Iran Retaliation

With principled conservatives, such as Senator Tom Cotton and Rep. Matt Gaetz, divided over what the proper response to Iranian aggression in the Gulf of Oman and Strait of Hormuz should be – or even if any response is required – we’d like to hear what CHQ readers and friends have to say. Please use the comments section in this article to tell us what you think.

#NeverTrump New York Times Pushing For War With Iran

The questions raised by Iranian attaks in the Gulf of Oman are not the small ball queries proposed by Bret Stephens, who assumes the Ayatollah’s regime must last indefinitely. The real consequential question is: Is it better for us to defeat the Islamic Republic of Iran through the economic and cultural means that brought down the Soviet Union, or is it better for us to go to war?

Is War With Iran Coming? Two Tankers Attacked In Gulf Of Oman

Rep. Mac Thornberry, one of the smartest and most sober minded national defense thinkers among the House Republicans is right, the 2001 AUMF doesn’t authorize war with the state of Iran, and President Trump shouldn’t go to war with Iran without coming to Congress – a constitutional constraint that in no way prohibits us from defending ourselves should we be attacked.