Kellyanne Conway

Trump Staff Shift Elevates GOP Leaders' Archenemy

Caitlin Huey-Burns & Rebecca Berg, RCP

In hiring Breitbart News chief Stephen Bannon as chief executive of his campaign, Trump has plainly rejected calls within the party to temper his controversial approach in order to broaden support in the general election. With Bannon, Trump is instead embracing the tactics, style and nationalist/populist themes that propelled him to victory in the primaries.

Viguerie: Trump Campaign as Exciting Now as Reagan's in 1980

"If you look at Donald Trump's campaign now . . . These are charter members of the conservative movement. It's very exciting. I haven't seen anything like this since the 1980 Reagan campaign against [Jimmy] Carter."

Trump Beginning To Meet Viguerie’s Foolproof Test

By Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman
“Who you walk with tells me a lot about who you are” is an aphorism that I have long applied as a foolproof test of whether a candidate or elected official is going to govern as a conservative. This might be seen as a companion or corollary to another one of my favorite rules of politics – personnel is policy.

Stephen Bannon poised to do battle for Donald Trump

Jennifer Harper, The Washington Times

As the new playcaller behind Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, Stephen K. Bannon has drawn instant, nervous news coverage — already deemed a “street fighter” by CNN, a “right wing Rottweiler” by Vice, a “rogue and provocateur” by Politico, and “Trump’s latest Svengali” by Mother Jones.

Viguerie: Movement Conservatives Now Leading Trump Campaign

By Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman
With Kellyanne Conway and Steve Bannon at the top of the campaign team, Mike Pence as Vice President and Senator Jeff Sessions at Donald Trump’s side the Trump campaign is shaping up to be the most ideological campaign since Ronald Reagan’s 1980 campaign against Jimmy Carter.

Amnesty: Nevada GOP Senator Dean Heller’s Bizarre Betrayal Of The Grassroots

The only reason our immigration system is “broken” is because Barack Obama and presidents before him broke it by refusing to enforce it and illegally changing it without legislative authorization. It remains "broken" because members of Congress, like Nevada's Republican Senator Dean Heller, have refused to use the power the Constitution bestows upon Congress to bring Obama’s criminal executive branch to heel.

President Ouija Board

Obama says he "hears" the two-thirds of voters who chose not to participate in the 2014 midterm election, but he apparently missed that many of the voters who typically vote Democrat and who stayed home are the voters who have been, and will continue to be, hurt the most by his tone deaf economic and immigration policies.

Midterm Elections: Is The GOP Finally Getting It? Nope

By ignoring illegal immigration and border security it appears the House GOP leadership have reverted to type and are engaged in the kind of meaningless “messaging” that they did under Eric Cantor’s leadership in the pre-2010 election “Pledge to America.”

GOP Strategist Lisa Boothe Takes Down Democrats On Executive Amnesty

Lisa Boothe didn’t take the bait on the whole “humanitarian crisis” myth that Obama and the Democrats have woven around this summer’s invasion of our southern border. She stayed on the message that the reason we are facing our current illegal immigration crisis is because of President Obama's failed policies undermining the rule of law. Boothe showed the GOP the way forward between now and Election Day 2014… if Republicans will only listen.

Obama Hopes Illegal Immigration Is Out of Sight Out of Mind

We've got some polling data from top pollster Kellyanne Conway at The Polling Company that the establishment media, Big Business and President Obama don't want you to see because it shows they've been lying about illegal immigration from the git go.