Lindsey Graham

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Barack Obama preaching on racism is like the devil lecturing on fire and brimstone

Barack Obama spoke at a memorial service for the slain Dallas police officers on Tuesday, but Donald Trump is the one who has consistently showed support for police. Plus, New polling information disputes #NeverTrump’s assertion that Trump is a certain loser; Bernie Sanders endorses arch enemy Hillary Clinton, Trump not impressed, and, Trump vows to “try” and observe Reagan’s 11th Commandment.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: When does opposing Donald Trump become a moral issue?

Q for #NeverTrump: Are you really willing to effectively extinguish the lives of millions of unborn Americans because your pride prevents you from backing a man like Donald Trump? Plus, Mitt Romney says his family wanted him to run again, but he couldn’t put them through it; Some members of BushWorld’s embrace of Hillary suggests the end of #NeverTrump is near, and, Eric Trump says his dad is really just all about America.