Lois Lerner

The Lois Lerner IRS Targeting & Cover Up: All In The Nature Of Big Government

Once government reaches a certain size its prime directive ceases to be to serve the people who created it to become preserving itself and expanding its power. Obama, the Democratic Party and unionized government employees all have the same goal.

Lois Lerner's "Secret Research Project" Revealed

More emails squeezed out of the IRS by a Judicial Watch lawsuit reveal a dangerous IRS "secret research project" using illicitly-obtained confidential donor lists of conservative and Tea Party organizations that opposed President Obama’s agenda or reelection.

Lerner Email Shows Bias in Favor of Unions

Ian Tuttle, National Review Online

Labor unions attempt to hide political donations while the IRS looks the other way. 

Washington Examiner Editorial: Why Lerner Email Is Important

Washington Examiner Editorial

Disinterring Lois Lerner's emails is important not, as some say, because they might establish a direct link to the White House, but because the Tea Party and conservative groups — not to mention people with a disinterested care for the preservation of democracy — deserve to know the truth about the nest of bureaucratic vipers they were up against.

Impeach Lois Lerner and Government Lawbreakers

ConservativeHQ contributor Mark Fitzgibbons and Senate Conservatives Fund president and former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli are calling for the House to formally punish government lawbreaker Lois Lerner via impeachment.

Judicial Watch: Judge Issues Extraordinary Order In Lois Lerner Investigation

Thanks to our friends at Judicial Watch, U.S. District Court Judge Emmett Sullivan has launched an independent inquiry into the issue of the missing emails associated with former IRS official Lois Lerner.

Lois Lerner and The Do-As-I-Say, Not Do-As-I-Do Bureaucratic Disease

Lois Lerner was a law enforcement zealot who obviously didn’t exactly practice what she preached. She’s far from alone among mostly unaccountable government bureaucrats. How much lawbreaking by government bureaucrats is enough?

IRS Officials Don't Recall Scratches to Lerner's Hard Drive

Bernie Becker, The Hill

They testified under oath that they tried unsuccessfully to recover data from the drive. Neither technician said they saw any sign of physical damage on the hard drive.

IRS Wins Round 1 Over Lost Tea Party Emails

Rachel Bade, Politico

The IRS won what might be Round 1 in a series of contests pitting tea party groups against the agency, with a federal judge rejecting a conservative group’s bid for a court-appointed forensics expert to hunt for ex-official Lois Lerner’s lost emails.

House's Proposed Citizen Lawsuits vs. Bureaucrats Would Discourage Future Lerners

Mark J. Fitzgibbons, Washington Examiner

Just as the bad guys in America’s private sector need the accountability that comes with the potential of being sued, the Lerners in government need a dose of such consequences when they intentionally violate the laws.

Lerner Called Conservatives ‘A**holes,’ Fantasized About Working At Obama Group

Chuck Ross, Daily Caller

New emails released by the House provide more evidence that ex-IRS official Lois Lerner isn't fond of conservatives. “So we don’t need to worry about teRroists [sic]. It’s our own crazies that will take us down,” Lerner wrote in a Nov. 9, 2012 email exchange with an IRS colleague.

Lawsuits Tackle Lois Lerner Syndrome Among State AG's

Mark J. Fitzgibbons, Washington Examiner

Lois Lerner wasn't the only government official unlawfully trying to upend through backdoor channels the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision.

As The Hard Drive Turns: Lerner’s On Again-Off Again, Scratchy

Bruce Carroll, Legal Insurrection

It seems it is the pressure of private lawsuits, not congressional investigations, that are getting better results on the IRS' Lois Lerner's emails.

Trey Gowdy Destroys IRS Comm. Over Non-Compliance

Katie Pavlich, TownHall

IRS Commissioner Koskinen has changed his story about "lost" IRS emails multiple times. Yesterday Trey Gowdy took him to task over inconsistent statements and slow walking the investigation into IRS targeting of conservative groups. 

IRS, Hey Maybe We Do Have Our Email Backups

Ed Morrissey, Hot Air

The IRS might not have lost the backups of former agency administrator Lois Lerner’s emails after all, according to Thomas Kane, the IRS’s deputy associate chief counsel. So did IRS Commissioner John Koskinen lie when he testified that they were gone?

Top DOJ Official Denies Conspiring w/ IRS on TEAParty Scandal

Stephen Dinan, Washington Times

Dep. Attorney Gen. James Cole assured Congress Thursday that the Justice Dept. didn’t conspire with the IRS to try to target tea party groups, and he said the FBI didn’t even know it had been given private taxpayer info. by the tax agency until years afterward.

Conservative Groups Take IRS to Court

Bernie Becker, The Hill

Two conservative organizations – Judicial Watch and True the Vote – won hearings over the missing emails of Lois Lerner, shifting the center of action on the IRS investigation this week from the Capitol to a federal district courthouse.

Obama Enables IRS Deception

David Limbaugh, Creators Syndicate

What could be so incriminating on these emails that Lerner and her cronies would prefer having three-fourths of the country believe they deliberately destroyed the evidence over disclosing what was on the emails.

Lerner's Attorney: She Plead the 5th To Avoid Being Bullied

Scott Greer, Daily Caller

Lois Lerner's attorney called the IRS investigation "election year politics" in a CNN interview. 

IRS Staredown Not Going Away

Bernie Becker, The Hill

Investigator Darrell Issa and Lois Lerner’s lawyer Bill Taylor squared off, showing that the battle over the IRS’s improper scrutiny of Tea Party groups may not go anywhere this year. Issa said the lawyer lied repeatedly and gave his client bad legal advice.