M Stanton Evans

FLASH: M. Stanton Evans Author of the Sharon Statement Passes Away At Age 80

M. Stanton Evans, author of the Sharon Statement, newspaper editor and invesitgative reporter and biographer of Senator Joseph McCarthy and other important works on the influence of communism in America has died in his 81st year. ConservativeHQ.com Chairman Richard A. Viguerie issued a brief statement memorializing his long-time friend saying, "On a short list of the 4-5 most important heroes of the conservative movement, Stan Evans is there alongside of Buckley, Goldwater and Helms." The Sharon Statement, the orginal organizing statement of Young Americans for Freedom written by M. Stanton Evans, remains, fifty-five years after it was signed at William F. Buckley Jr.'s home in Sharon, Connecticut, perhaps the most recognized summary of the central ideas of modern American conservatism. Click here for more on the Sharon Statement.