Megyn Kelly

Presidential Horse Race 2016: #NeverTrumpers, voting for Gary Johnson is the same as supporting no one

Some #NeverTrumpers are feeling good by saying they’ll vote for Libertarian Gary Johnson instead of Trump, but it’s still the equivalent of supporting no one. Plus, Trump’s trade stance flies in the face of the establishment, but the voters seem to like it; RNC member proposes rule change that would effectively squelch a delegate revolt, and, Stage set – literally – for the grand Trump show in Cleveland next month.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: #NeverTrump completes the journey to Neverland

Even after the Orlando Islamic terrorist attack, the #NeverTrump movement is insisting on finding a new candidate. Plus, Instead of supporting Trump’s position, the establishment hits The Donald after Orlando; Marco Rubio’s continued denials concerning running for reelection means he’s closer than ever to saying “yes”, and, Trump points fingers at Obama, Hillary and political correctness in anti-terror speech.