Mike Pence

Transition to Trump: Poll numbers won’t stop Trump from making America great again

The media’s relentless bashing of Donald Trump is responsible for his mediocre standing in opinion polls. Plus, Too bad, liberals, there isn’t anything controversial about Betsy DeVos or school choice, and, Contrary to media reports, Trump doesn’t mind differences of opinion around him.

Trump vs the Cult of Political Correctness

When we look at this week’s protests during the Trump -- Pence inauguration and their potential for violence we need to see most protesters for what they are; victims of Far-Left propaganda and the cult of political correctness.

Transition to Trump: The prospect of change in 2017 makes it a very happy new year

It’s very hard to predict what government will look like at the end of 2017, but one thing’s for sure – it will be different than it is today. Plus, Trump sends out markers that the press’s Obama honeymoon is over, and, Half the public is skeptical of Trump’s abilities, but his congressional outreach will improve his numbers.