Nebraska Senate Race

Another Purple State Looking Red

Karin McQuillan, American Thinker

Ben Sasse, who is drawing huge crowds with speeches on the Constitution, and has opened a 22 point lead, shows how the tea party has matured.

Sasse Surged to Victory After Anti-Estab. Backed Him

Tony Lee, Breitbart

Neb. GOP Senate nominee Ben Sasse may not see himself as an establishment slayer, but Neb.'s primary voters may have given him a dominating 27-point victory on Tues. to send a message to the Wash. Repub. establishment.

McConnell's Power Fails to Get NE Senate Pick Elected

Jen Kuznicki,

TEA Party favorite Ben Sasse just won the NE Senate GOP primary in a big way, marking the backslide of establishment effectiveness. Mitch McConnell helped finance Shane Osborn's nasty, dishonest assault campaign on Sasse. Sasse's big win is a sign that MMc's power is waning.

Conservatives Won Two Defining Battles In The War For The Soul Of The GOP

No matter how hard the GOP establishment tries to spin it to the contrary, in the face of the third place finishes of the GOP establishment’s handpicked candidates in Nebraska and West Virginia, the May 13 Republican primary results were a huge victory for grassroots limited government constitutional conservatives.

Sasse Leads Osborn & Dinsdale

Jonathan Strong, Breitbart

Hours before polls open in the Cornhusker state, Midland University President Ben Sasse held a lead against former State Treasurer Shane Osborn and bank president Sid Dinsdale. Sens. Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Tom Coburn, Sarah Palin and Rep. Paul Ryan have all endorsed Sasse.

Two Showdown GOP Primaries Today: Vote Sasse and Mooney

The Tea Party vs. Big Government Republican establishment battle continues in Nebraska and West Virginia today, with two bellwether elections; Nebraska’s Republican Senate nomination, where we urge a vote for Ben Sasse and West Virginia’s Republican Primary in Congressional District 2 where we back a vote for Alex Mooney.

REVEALED: Shane Osborn Using Taxpayer-Funded Staff For Campaign-Like Politics

Alex Pappas, Daily Caller

Emails reveal private conversations between Osborn (who is running against Ben Sasse for Nebraska's US Senate seat) and his staff about things like giving gifts to donors and helping a contributor with official state business.

Why We Are Backing Ben Sasse In The Nebraska GOP Senate Race

In Nebraska's increasingly negative GOP Senate primary we endorsed Ben Sasse because he is the only candidate talking about the most important issue in politics today; breaking Washington's Iron Triangle of bureaucrats, lobbyists and career politicians. If you demand change in Washington vote Ben Sasse in the May 13 Nebraska Republican Senate primary.

Cruz Endorses Sasse for Nebraska Senate

Alexandra Jaffe, The Hill

The Texas senator called Sasse the “strongest conservative voice” in the open-seat race.

Sarah Palin Endorses Sasse for Senate in Neb. Race

Matthew Burke, Tea Party News Network

Ben Sasse, whose viral campaign video sent shockwaves through Washington, received one of the most coveted endorsements for conservative candidates; that is the endorsement of Sarah Palin. 

Sasse, Osborn Hit Obama Hard in Neb. Sen. GOP Primary Debate

Frances Martel, Breitbart

The four candidates vying for the GOP nomination in the race to replace Sen. Ben Nelson took to the stage to debate issues from Obamacare to immigration to a proposed "war tax." The four candidates have different ideas for how to fix problems, but the goal remained the same: eliminate big gov't.

Mike Lee Endorses Ben Sasse

Patrick Brennan, National Review

Sen. Mike Lee of Utah endorsed Ben Sasse in the Nebraska Senate primary, calling the young college president “a strong constitutional conservative who understands the proper role of gov't, has great respect for our democratic institutions, and will fight to ensure that the people’s voice is heard in Washington.”

Nebraska Conservative Ben Sasse Fights the Ruling Class

We agree with Nebraska conservative Senate candidate Ben Sasse that breaking the “Iron Triangle” of Washington’s rent-seeking bureaucrats, lobbyists, and politicians must be a priority if we are to save what is left of American exceptionalism.

NE Sen. Race Heats Up Over Endorsements

Alexandra Jaffe, The Hill

The Nebraska Senate race drew national attention when former state Treasurer Shane Osborn gained the endorsement of FreedomWorks. Senate Conservatives Fund and the Club for Growth endorsed his opponent, Midland University President Ben Sasse.