Obama lies

Obama’s Jihad Against Americans

Pamela Geller, Breitbart

On Monday, Obama took a harsher tone with Republicans than he has with ISIS. In the wake of the Paris jihad slaughter, he is obsessed with importing more Muslims, not defeating the Islamic State. And he calls anyone opposed to increased Muslim migration — namely the GOP — “shameful.” But it is Obama who is shameful. 

Obama’s State of the Union in Three Words – Please Add Yours

Here are ten of our favorites "State of the Union in Three Words" tweets. Have some fun and add yours.

7 Lies Obama Tells On Reducing Budget Deficit

Pete Kasperowicz, The Blaze

When Obama took office, the national debt was $10.6 trillion. As of Jan. '15, it stood at just over $18 trillion. If the budget deficit stays around $500 billion a year for the next two years, as expected, total debt will exceed $19 trillion by the time O leaves office.

Congressional R's to Grill OCare's Gruber

Susan Cornwell and Roberta Rampton, Reuters

Darrell Issa said panel members will ask Obamacare architect and consultant Jonathan Gruber Tues. about possible deceptions and a lack of transparency in the 2010 Affordable Care Act.

Carney: O ‘Literally’ Doing What He Said Was Unconstitutional

Washington Free Beacon Staff

Former White House spokesman Jay Carney admitted on CNN that President Obama did indeed flip-flop on executive amnesty.

Gruber Tapes Show Obama Is A Liar

Jamie Weinstein, Daily Caller

What Gruber said repeatedly on the lecture circuit confirms what we know from reporting: Obama said whatever he had to in order to garner support for his signature domestic policy, truth be damned. 

A Vote for Democrats is ‘A Vote for President Obama’

Moe Lane, Red State

Freedom Partners Action Fund has started a $6.5 million ad buy hitting Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, New Hampshire (online only), and North Carolina, where conservatives lay it on the line: voting for a Democrat is the same as voting for the failed president.

12+ States To Cancel Healthcare Policies Due to OCare

Jim Angle, Fox News

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are about to lose their health insurance thanks to Obama and John Roberts. And because federal law requires a 60-day notice of any plan changes, voters will be notified no later than 11/1, right before the 11/4 midterms.


NewsMax TV

Watch this video to hear outspoken conservative commentator and author of “Takeover” Richard Viguerie blast the national GOP leadership for not nationalizing the '14 midterm elections and being too soft in their rhetoric about Obama and the Dems. Viguerie outlines what conservatives can do to lead.

TeaParty: Unlike Christie, Obama Hasn't Held Staff Accountable

Tony Lee, Breitbart

Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder and National Coordinator of the Tea Party Patriots, said her group was still waiting for Obama to hold any of his own top officials accountable as Chris Christie did on Thurs.

Lib Hack Shamelessly Justifies O's Lies

Matt Hadro, Newsbusters.org

Liberal ESPN columnist LZ Granderson justified Obama's repeated lie about ObamaCare, claiming that Americans knew he did it for their own good.

Barack Obama: Institutionalizing Incompetence and Lying

There was a time when we conservatives might have applauded a government too incompetent to do its job on the theory that such a government would be less inclined to bother us – under Obama the exact opposite has proved true. If the Obama years have proven anything it is that an incompetent government is the most dangerous kind of government there is.

Obama Asks BCBS to Hide Bad Stats

William Bigelow, Breitbart

In a bombshell revelation, a Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota consumer sales manager said that the Obama Admin. asked them to hide how many people registered for health insurance through an online Obamacare exchange.

Who's the Extortionist Now, Obama?

Cal Thomas, Washington Examiner

Repubs should fling the extortion label back at Obama, who wants to raise the debt ceiling, threatening to curtail many gov't operations if the GOP doesn’t surrender.