Paul Ryan

Harry Reid endorses Paul Ryan for Speaker

Burgess Everett, Politico

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid added his name to a growing list of liberal Democrats who would love to see Paul Ryan take over in the House. Reid described himself as a “Paul Ryan fan.” Reid didn’t seem to care if his endorsement would help or hurt Ryan’s bid.

Paul Ryan and his 'conditions' should go back to Wisconsin

Ed Straker, American Thinker

Ryan, by demanding strict obedience to his rule, would be as awful a speaker as John Boehner, repressive to conservative interests while continuing to collaborate with Obama. His constant claims that he doesn't want the job unless coronated, and his supposed desire spend time with his young children, are disingenuous for an important position such as this.

Tea Party Caucus chair: Ryan's conditions 'entirely unreasonable'

Susan Ferrechio, Washington Examiner

Rep. Tim Huelskamp said Ryan appears to be seeking even further consolidation, which won't win conservative support and is a sign the Wisconsin Republican may not be serious about his desire to seek the gavel. "I just don't think he really wants the job," Huelskamp said.

Ryan could spark Speakership scramble

Scott Wong, The Hill

If Paul Ryan fails in his bid to take over the House, more than a dozen Republicans could join Daniel Webster as candidates for the job.

Establishment Republicans Walking Away From Full Obamacare Repeal

A one sentence repeal of Obamacare through the budget reconciliation bill should be an easy call for Republicans. They have the majority, they can ignore the recommendation of the Senate Parliamentarian if it goes against them, let the Senate vote on a favorable interpretation of the rules and forge forward – but that requires a credible argument and a spine, both of which are in short supply among establishment Republican “leaders” in Congress.

Paul Ryan Arrogantly Demands An End To Constitutional Government

What Paul Ryan announced to the House Republican Conference last night was a set of conditions under which he would accept the Speaker’s gavel that amount to discarding any pretense that the House of Representatives is “the Peoples’ House,” as in We the People, and to make it simply “Paul’s House.” Democracy and representative government are by their nature messy – and when politicians, like Paul Ryan, demand order and an end to dissention what they are really demanding is an end to democratic government.

Steve King threatens battle over Paul Ryan Speakership

Julia Hahn, Breitbart

If the roles were reversed, and an anti-amnesty Democrat was working with Steve King to stop immigration, there is no chance anyone in the media, the Democrat establishment, or the punditry would tell progressive activists to embrace an anti-amnesty Democrat Speaker.

Conservative: Ryan would have to make ‘hard sell’ to win

Bradford Richardson, The Hill

South Carolina Rep. Mick Mulvaney is a founding member of the 40-to-50-member House Freedom Caucus, which plans to vote in the Speaker election as a bloc. He said Ryan would have to restore “regular order” to the legislative process if he wants to convince the group to vote for him.

Romney wants Paul Ryan for Speaker – and President

Curt Mills, Washington Examiner

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have been speaking in recent days, and appearing on CNN's "State of the Union" Sunday, Romney confirmed to host Jake Tapper that he would love to clone Paul Ryan, and that he would be a great speaker or "potential president."

Paul Ryan’s open borders push exposed in 2013 video

Julia Hahn, Breitbart

Rep. Luis Gutierrez’s endorsement of Rep. Paul Ryan for Speaker of the House has drawn new attention to Ryan’s two-decade history of pushing for open borders immigration policies. A previously little noticed 2013 video of Ryan and Gutierrez stumping for Sen. Marco Rubio’s amnesty bill shows just how far Ryan is willing to go to push for open borders policies.

Steve King wants Daniel Webster as Speaker

Seung Min Kim, Politico

In a letter to House Republicans Thursday, Iowa Rep. Steve King implored fellow GOP lawmakers to back long-shot candidate Rep. Daniel Webster, a former Florida House speaker who’s earned the support of some of the House’s most conservative members.

Battle over Paul Ryan and conservatism grows nasty

Howard Kurtz, Fox News

Paul Ryan is no closer to becoming House speaker. In fact, no one is any closer to becoming House speaker. And the press has now declared this an existential crisis. It’s not just a messy leadership fight. It’s a struggle for the soul of the Republican Party.

What’s driving conservative opposition to Paul Ryan

Elaina Plott, National Review

The forceful pushback against Ryan makes clear that the strong sentiments stirred up during the immigration fights of the past decade have staying power, and should Ryan run, he’ll have to reckon with them.

Conservatives organize to ‘Fire Paul Ryan’

Kelly Cohen, Washington Examiner

"We forced Boehner to step down. Cantor was defeated. McCarthy withdrew ... and yet the establishment keeps pushing RINO after RINO after RINO. If Ryan is chosen, we'll see that he's fired. Add your name to the list of Americans who Demand a Conservative Speaker," said the coalition's website

Conservative media stars bail on Ryan

T. Becket Adams, Washington Examiner

For right-wing media stars, including radio hosts Laura Ingraham and Mark Levin and Fox News' Sean Hannity, Ryan would be a disastrous choice for speaker. To them, the chair of the House Ways and Means Committee would likely do nothing to oppose the Democratic Party's agenda on immigration and free trade.

Immigration the stumbling block for Ryan

Erin Kelly, USA Today

Conservative websites such as Breitbart News and anti-immigration groups are especially critical of Ryan's decision to appear with Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., at the City Club of Chicago in late 2013 to call for comprehensive immigration reform.

Ultra-liberal Sen. Patty Murray is a fan of Paul Ryan

Jerry Cornfield, Seattle Weekly

Washington’s liberal senator and Ryan are texting buddies and have been since constructing their “compromise” budget agreement after the 2013 government shutdown. Murray won’t say whether she’s actively supporting Ryan for Speaker, thinking it might be harmful to him.

Establishment Stalling Speaker Election Until They Are Guaranteed To Win

Stalling the vote to elect a new Speaker is all about those who have been wrecking the country keeping their power in Congress, and thwarting the will of We the People. And of course the establishment media – including what one might call the “conservative establishment” are right there covering for them. We urge you to join our effort to end the stalling and elect a conservative Speaker by signing our open letter to the House Republican Conference through this link. Or you can call your Representative – the House switchboard is 1-866-220-0044 – to tell them you want a conservative Speaker like Daniel Webster, not Boehner-lite, like Rep. Paul Ryan or Kevin McCarthy.

Paul Ryan stars as John Boehner’s weak sister

Erick Erickson,

The hysteria in Washington among elite Republican pundits who long ago decided to put party ahead of principle has hit peak condescension. Paul Ryan apparently cannot get the Speakership in his own right, but must be bullied and begged into taking it while at the same time is so sensitive and weak he might be bullied by some conservative Congressmen.

Confirmed Again: Paul Ryan not running for Speaker

Matthew Boyle, Breitbart

To unite the party behind a consensus candidate who doesn’t divide the GOP conference, it looks like Ryan is going to end up deciding to hold strong against the establishment forces pushing him into a Speakership bid.