Plunder and Deceit

Levin: Federal Government is stealing from Unborn Babies

David Brody, The Daily Signal

Levin says he’s sick and tired of establishment politicians talking about the need to reform entitlement spending. He says there are always plenty of proposals out there but President Barack Obama and GOP leadership don’t want to touch them.

Mark Levin worries about the young

Brent Bozell, CNS News

In reviewing Levin’s book, "Plunder and Deceit,” Bozell says, “It's a good bet that no liberal journalist will read it, no liberal newspaper will review it, and that no liberal network would imagine calling up Levin for an interview. They are too busy advocating tolerance and diversity.”

Mark Levin exposes Obama’s progressive future for your kids

Peter Ferrara, Daily Caller

In his eye-opening new book, Plunder and Deceit, Mark Levin explains the future President Obama’s so-called “progressives” are building for your kids.

Mark Levin: ‘Plunder and Deceit’

Jeffrey Lord, American Spectator

Lord describes Mark Levin’s new book: “A frightening look into exactly what today’s thoughtless and greedy ruling generation of Americans are leaving behind for the next generation — their own children.”