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NSA Scandal Pits Patriots v. Poseurs

Steven Greenhut, Human Events

Rand Paul rebuked the Feds’ phone record scans as unconstitutional. Why aren’t more joining in?

Joe Biden: No More Cruzes or Pauls

Charlie Spiering, Washington Examiner

VP said he can no longer strong-arm Republicans because they’re afraid to go against the freshmen.

Paul Outlines Battle Plan in Cali

David Drucker, Washington Examiner

Sen. Rand Paul’s suggestions on how to woo the Golden State back to the GOP drew mixed reviews.

Big Brother Says Open Your Mouth

Sen. Rand Paul, American Conservative

Thanks to the Supreme Court, your DNA as well as your data is at risk from overreaching government.

Alternatives for Growing GOP’s Map

Dan Balz, Washington Post

NJ Gov. Chris Christie and Sen. Rand Paul have recently offered ways to compete in blue states.

Repubs Aren’t Giving up the Base

Alex Roarty, National Journal

The GOP certainly needs more minority support, but its Senate prospects depend on white voters.

Wacko Birds Winning War on DC

Christopher Bedford, Daily Caller

Senators Mike Lee, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul have turned the tables on the Washington establishment.

Rand Paul to Take NSA to Sup. Court

Joel Gehrke, Washington Examiner

He plans to bring a class action lawsuit to stop the NSA from getting data. Will your cell supplier join?

GOP’s Future Must Include California

Sen. Rand Paul, Washington Times

To remain relevant, Republicans must compete for every vote in places just like the Golden State.

Rand Paul’s Tough NSA Moment

Alexander Burns and Maggie Haberman, Politico

Paul consistently stands for the Constitution, but also wants to find common ground with hawks.

Will Anger Alter NSA Cell Tap Rules?

Ginger Gibson, Politico

Lawmakers are outraged about the cell tap scandal. Rand Paul is even drafting a civil liberties bill.

McCain Against the ‘Wacko Birds’

Jonathan Strong, National Review Online

John McCain’s latest dust-up with conservatives has served to rally the grassroots against him.

Wanted: Good Disruptive Candidates

Erick Erickson, Red State

At CHQ, we call them “boat rockers,” folks willing to go to DC to fight for principle over politics.

Paul vs. McCain: Clash Over Syria

Fox News Staff

Rand Paul and John McCain bang heads once again, this time over whether to arm Syrian rebels.

Rand Paul Wows at Reagan Library

Maeve Reston, Los Angeles Times

The Kentucky Senator talked about how the GOP can expand its base while sticking to principles.

Security Precautions for Immigration

Sen. Rand Paul, Washington Times

Congress must stop malicious immigrants from entering the U.S. as part of immigration reform.

Paul: GOP Must Be a Bigger Party

James Hohmann, Politico

Sen. Rand Paul spoke at the Reagan Library, saying the GOP must have a broader appeal to win.

CHQ Launches Straw Poll: Who Republicans Nominate In 2016 Is Up To You

It is not too early to start winnowing the wheat from the chaff and sorting the candidates with a real commitment to limited government constitutional principles from those who just talk a good game when they need conservative votes in a primary. Visit this page and cast your vote in our straw poll today.