Republican election strategy

The 'Do It For Bob Dole' Republicans

Jeffery Lord, American Spectator

Races that were supposed to be push-overs are suddenly nail-biters. How can this be? The Base. The very people who are needed to give money & votes to elect that GOP Senate are balking. Why? Nancy Kassebaum Baker illustrates the GOP's problem.

Viguerie: Priebus Speech A Victory For Conservatives

By Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman

Republican Senate candidates who are lagging a month out from the election, such as Thom Tillis in North Carolina and Pat Roberts in Kansas, should take Chairman Priebus' speech as their cue to start campaigning as conservatives and then deliver on that campaign when they get to Washington.

The GOP's Missing Electoral Link

Daniel Horowitz, Red State

To win, Repubs. have to 1) Face the fact that politics is a no-holds-bar street fight; nice guys finish last; 2) Understand that they're going to have to actually attack D's & make it hurt: & 3) Frame attacks as a moral indictment, or else they will be pulverized by the moral indictments framed by their opponents.