Republican governors

Gov. McDonnell: If I'm Guilty, So Is Obama

Tony Lee, Breitbart

After he and his wife were indicted on 14 felony counts, former VA Repub. Gov. Bob McDonnell said that he was being charged based on a "misguided legal theory" that would implicate Obama and nearly every other elected official were it applied as the law of the land.

More GOP Guvs Eyeing Medicaid Expansion?

Kyle Cheney and Jason Millman, Politico

The GOP plans to make Obamacare a campaign issue in '14; the House plans two anti-OCare votes Fri. But in the states, the Medicaid expansion, worth billions, has proved attractive to nearly a dozen GOP governors.

Will Rick Perry Run In 2016?

Catalina Camia, USA Today

He’s taken on late-term abortion and is up for re-election as Texas’ longest-serving governor. What about 2016?

National GOP On Texas Abortion Limits: The Gutless Party vs. The Party Of No Moral Compass

It is time for the RNC and Chairman Reince Preibus to speak and work in favor of the Texas bill or risk losing the right-to-life vote to a new organization that will stand for the principles national Republicans say they support, but never seem to actually step-up to fight for.

Midwestern Blueprint for the GOP

Jim Vanderhei, Politico

Several Republican governors are showing how to reform government and remain popular with voters.