Outsiders vs. Insiders: Beyond 100 days, Trump’s main opponent remains The Swamp

President Trump’s post 100-day momentum will be sustained only through conservatives and Republicans working together as a team to generate policies that are popular and effective across the country. If the economy improves, so will Trump’s approval numbers.

Why can't House repeal Obamacare? Because a lot of Republicans don't want to

Byron York, Washington Examiner

The centrists — a number of Republicans refer to them as "the mods," for moderates — appear to be moving the goalposts, even as the conservatives offer concessions. Conservatives suspect the centrists were perfectly happy for conservatives to take the blame for killing the first bill, but now are showing their true colors by rejecting compromise on the second version. Whatever the circumstances, they don't want to vote to repeal Obamacare.

ObamaCare Repeal Needs a Direction

Bobby Jindal, Wall Street Journal

Can’t health-care reform increase coverage and lower costs, just as the beer commercials once promised great taste and lower calories? Yes—but as we have seen, prioritizing coverage expansion results in higher costs and lower quality. Focusing on lowering costs is the way to increase coverage in a meaningful and sustainable way.

Democrats, Don’t You Ever Change

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

Look, Democrats, speaking sincerely as your friend, understand that everyone who says you need to take a deep look at yourselves is a racist, sexist, homophobe who won’t even ask about your preferred pronoun. Whatever you do, don’t you ever change.

Republicans look shockingly strong on the Politico/Morning Consult generic ballot survey

Editors, Washington Examiner

Maybe this poll is just a bit screwy. Then again, maybe all those special election races with stronger-than usual Democratic turnout really are just artifacts of low special election turnout and the exceptional enthusiasm of angry liberals.

Republicans live to fight another day in Georgia House race

W. James Antle III, Washington Examiner

Republicans appear to have done well enough to force the race into a runoff. But the Democratic candidate finished first, nearly 30 points aheadof the leading Republican. Democrats declared a moral victory Tuesday night and are refusing to write off their chances in the final round of voting in June.

The Republican Congress Must Get Its Act Together NOW

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

The Republicans in the legislature are a disgrace.  They can't get it together to compromise on anything and move forward -- no tax reform, no healthcare, no nothing.  They are overwhelmed by a combination of overweening ego and rigid ideology -- a lethal cocktail.  What their behavior is doing is creating an inevitable situation where they lose control of Congress and ultimately the White House to the Democrats.