Ron DeSantis

Why Were ‘Experts’ So Wrong About Florida?

Robert Stacy McCain, The American Spectator

It is obvious that politics, rather than science, was the basis of the media's animosity. The governor is not only a Republican, but a close ally of Trump. Because this is a presidential election year, it served the partisan interests of the anti-Trump media establishment to treat DeSantis as a villain. People dying from a virus is not good news, of course, but the fact that Florida’s COVID-19 death rate is so much lower than big blue states deserves some acknowledgement. The anti-Trump media decided two months ago to make Ron DeSantis a villain, however, and it seems that no “fact-based truth” will ever change their minds.

Where Does Ron DeSantis Go to Get His Apology?

Rich Lowry, National Review

DeSantis says he "knew that none of these (media) people knew anything about Florida at all, so I didn’t care.” Perhaps things will still go wrong in Florida, perhaps its relative good fortune can be chalked up to weather, perhaps county-level lockdowns made a big difference, but no one can say that the state hasn’t taken a thoughtful approach to the crisis. Or, no one can reasonably say that — which, of course, hasn’t stopped many journalists. “I view it more as a badge of honor that I was doing a good job,” DeSantis says, “and that they viewed me as a target, because if I wasn’t, they probably would just ignore me.”

Florida Has Beaten the ‘Surge’

Robert Stacy McCain, The American Spectator

The media have demonized DeSantis, an ally of President Trump, for his reluctance to impose a statewide lockdown, and the IHME forecast of a May 7 “peak” would seem to require an extension of the lockdown. The day-by-day trend in case numbers, however, contradicts the IHME projection. What will happen? Well, if Floridians keep social-distancing, and the number of new cases continues declining daily, not even the media’s hatred of DeSantis can conceal the gap between what the IHME predicts and the state’s own data. Hunker down and flatten that curve, Florida. I’ve got a couple of grandkids down there, and I’m planning to see them before June.

Give Thanks For Ron DeSantis And Rick Scott

The aim of Steyer, Soros and their network of Far-Left megadonors wasn’t just electing another progressive governor, it was putting Florida out of reach of Republican presidential candidates forever. Thanks to Ron DeSantis and Rick Scott that didn’t happen, and the Democrats’ well-planned election fraud was stymied and turned over to federal authorities for criminal investigation.

Trump Is Right: The Only Way To Win Is To Fight

Ever since Donald Trump won, the Leftist establishment has been acusing him of being divisive, so let us translate what that really means: Donald Trump is making it more difficult for Democrats to reduce your liberty, freedom, and rights and grow the power of the federal government, and they want him to be nice and let them win.

The Democrats’ Chaos Strategy Almost Worked In Florida

Conservatives must come to grips with the reality that for the new radical progressive Democratic Party politics is warfare, and the only rule in war is to win. Complying with all the laws and rules pre-election is a recipe for one-Party Democrat rule if there is no way to enforce those laws and rules post-election.

The Democrats’ Goal Is Election Chaos

Conservative observers of the post-Election Day chaos thhis year must understand that the mess is not due to incompetence. It is part of a larger, long term plan that has been executed by Democrats to move as many elections as possible into what our friend election lawyer J. Christian Adams calls “the margin of litigation.”

Trump Is Right: Honest Vote Count No Longer Possible

Activist judges and post-election lawsuits to “count every vote,” whether legal or not, have made a mockery of election laws and left any election decided within the margin of litigation to the whim of liberal judges, not the electorate. This is no way to govern.

Florida Survives Category 5 Liberalism

George Neumayr, The American Spectator

The press propagandized relentlessly for Gillum, who was flush with money from George Soros and Tom Steyer, while kneecapping the scrappier DeSantis over minor lapses, and Gillum still couldn’t win. Notice also the media’s silence about Obama. Yet again the darling of journalists shows himself to be a crappy campaigner for others. But it appears that a slight majority of Floridians still fear left-wing pols who threaten to seize money more than Republicans capable of making some.

Conservative Issues Nationalized the Election

Yesterday, Chairman Richard A. Viguerie hosted a news conference with conservative leaders to analyze the results of the 2018 midterms and to offer a roadmap for Republicans to return to the majority in the U.S. House of Representatives.

2018 House Election Results: Clearing Out The Dead Wood

As CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie observed in his book TAKEOVER, those of us who have been around the conservative movement for many years don’t root for Republicans to lose, but we understand history well enough not to fear defeat because when the Republican establishment fails, conservatism advances.

DeSantis Defeats Gillum in Florida Governor’s Race

Mairead McArdle, National Review

DeSantis, 40, can often be found on television defending Trump and gambled heavily on their close association during his campaign. Two of Trump’s eleven rallies in the past week leading up to Election Day were in Florida stumping for DeSantis and Republican Senate candidate Rick Scott, Florida’s sitting governor. “In Ron’s case, he’s going against somebody that’s got a lot of energy but he runs one of the worst, one of the biggest problem cities anywhere in the country,” Trump said of Gillum’s record as Tallahassee mayor at Saturday’s rally in Pensacola, Fla. “He’s not doing the job. You don’t want to have him running Florida.”

Voters Reject Paul Ryan’s Failed House Leadership

The lesson of the 2018 midterm election for House Republicans should be clear – seat-by-seat you can look at yesterday's results and see how leadership failures cost Republican seats in the House. It is time for new conservative leadership in the House, especially now that the Party is in the minority.

Results For Our Six Bellweather House Races

In four of our six bellweather races the Republican lost. Every Republican, even the two incumbents who won, was outspent, some by more than 2 to 1. However, none of the Democrat wins were landslides indicative of a “Blue Wave" against President Trump, rather they showed a complete failure of leadership on the part of House Republicans.

Today’s Two Most Important State Races For Conservatives

With the radical progressive Left poised to continue Obama’s program of fundamentally changing America every election for every office on the ballot is important, but Ron DeSantis running for Governor of Florida and Adam Paul Laxalt running for Governor of Nevada stand out as important firebreaks against the advance of socialism.

Democrats Running Because They Hate You

We’ve found a frightening intersection between the astonishing statements by Democratic candidates and campaign operatives revealed in James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas undercover videos and the conclusions of Prof. Angelo Codevilla’s recent essay “Our Revolution’s Logic” that we told you about in our article “Revolutionary Logic.”

Florida Democrat Andrew Gillum’s Campaign: 'It’s a cracker state.'

Our friend James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas Action has struck again, this time catching the campaign of Andrew Gillum, the Democratic candidate for Governor of Florida trashing the state and white voters: Florida “is a f***ed up ass state" and “It’s a cracker state,” said campaign aide Omar Smith, Gillum's former college roommate.

Obama to Campaign for Gillum

George Neumayr, The American Spectator

Gillum is a thief, both as a bribe-taking mayor and a socialist ideologue. Indeed, his stated platform rests on promising to strip Floridians of their wealth via a jacked-up corporate tax rate, all so that Gillum’s educrat cronies can waste more money on crummy public schools. There is no difference between socialism and thievery. Gillum intends to steal from Peter to pay Paul, knowing that he can then count on the vote of Paul, as the old saying goes. Are there enough Pauls in Florida? We’ll see.

Andrew Gillum, a Flailing Flim-Flam Artist

George Neumayr, The American Spectator

Had the Dems nominated a centrist, they would have a much better chance of winning. Instead, they nominated a raging left-winger who has signed an anti-police pledge and wants a president (who won Florida) to be impeached. In the CNN debate, DeSantis effectively spelled out the dire implications for Florida if it makes Gillum, who is the ideological kin of Maxine Waters, governor. The benefits of a governor who can call up the president and lobby him on behalf of Floridian interests versus a cheap-shot activist who is boycotting Trump are not lost on Floridian business owners.