Scott Walker

Scott Walker Moves to Smooth Christie Flap

Alexander Burns, Politico

Wis. Gov. Scott Walker moved abruptly to calm a simmering controversy over the nat'l GOP’s involvement in his reelection campaign, backtracking on a series of chilly statements about the support he’s received from the Repub. Governors Assoc. and its chairman, NJ Gov. Chris Christie.

2 Weeks Out, RGA Reduces Spending in Wis.?

Stephen F. hayes & John McCormack, Weekly Standard

Is the Republican Governors Assoc. reducing its planned spending in one of the highest-profile and tightest gubernatorial contests in the country? If so, why? And why would the RGA spend more on Rick Snyder than Scott Walker?

Importance of Scott Walker Race Equals Any Senate Matchup

Byron York, Washington Examiner

Polls show the WI governor race essentially tied. Republicans are right to be nervous. Yet, Scott Walker has prevailed before. The GOP needs him to do it again. If he pulls off a 3rd red win in a blue state he'll be a strong contender for the White House in 2016.

Is There A Tea Party Governor Backlash of 2014?

John Avlon, The Daily Beast

Daily Beast editor in chief claims that beneath the tough Senate hand dealt to Democrats, there is a lot of swing voter discontent with Tea Party governors who failed to steer toward the center once in office. 

Dems Restart "Lawfare" Attack on Scott Walker

Associated Press

After a federal court halted the Democrats' partisan Wisconsin witch hunt Dem prosecutors have now asked the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals to allow them to restart the probe. 

Presidential Primary Survey Results May Surprise You

Patrick Ishmael, Hot Air

The Hot Air 2016 presidential poll results are in. Chris Christie has 1% of the vote. Ted Cruz, who earned 29% of the vote, is in the lead. The top five is rounded out by Scott Walker, Rand Paul, Rick Perry and Mitt Romney.

Michael S. Murphy: Architect of the Wis. GOP Upheaval

Daniel Bice, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

He's a prominent party official, a leader of the libertarian faction within the state Republican Party, a Rand Paul fan, and a Milwaukee cop. He's not afraid to speak his mind on RINOs like John McCain, Paul Ryan, and Ron Johnson.

Rand Paul Wins Maine 2016 Prez Straw Poll

Mike Allen, Poltico

Sen. Rand Paul, who spoke Sat. at the Maine Republican Convention, was the big winner in the party’s straw poll. Paul took 26% of the vote, to 14% for the second-place finisher, Sen. Ted Cruz.

GOP Establishment Candidates Embarrassed in 2016 Poll

Limited government conservatives in ConservativeHQ’s recent White House straw poll taken at CPAC put establishment Republican hopefuls to shame.

Correction: Paul and Cruz Top ConservativeHQ Straw Poll – Establishment GOP Blanked

Conservatives attending this year's Conservative Political Action Conference are rejecting the Republican establishment and its brand of Big Government “me-too-ism” in favor of candidates who are authentic representatives of the grassroots conservative base of the Party, as seen in ConservativeHQ's presidential straw poll.

Does Christie Scandal Improve Centrist Rubio's 2016 Chances?

Allahpundit, Hot Air

If Rubio runs for president, where does he win? Assuming Rand Paul, Scott Walker, and either Huckabee or Santorum (or both?) are in the field, winning Iowa or NH will be difficult, even for the undisputed centrist Senator.

Scott Walker, You Disappoint Us

Aaron Blake, Washington Post

Walker wants the amnesty debate to focus on easier citizenship, not the border or rules for illegals already here.

Midwestern Blueprint for the GOP

Jim Vanderhei, Politico

Several Republican governors are showing how to reform government and remain popular with voters.

Scott Walker, Underdog or Favorite?

Ben Domenech, The Transom

He could take from everyone else’s base as others drop out, becoming a consensus fallback choice.

Meet Scott Walker, Sleeper Candidate

Beth Reinhard, National Journal

The Wisconsin governor is a conservative from a blue state with Tea Party popularity on his side.

8 Tea Party Governors Up In 2014

Susan Page, USA Today

Four years after the Tea Party wave election of 2010, these governors face their first re-election.