Sen. Pat Roberts

Final Rankings: 10 Most Vulnerable Senators

Kyle Trygstad and Alexis Levinson, Roll Call

Repubs. need a net gain of 6 Senate seats. The most vulnerable Senators are Mark Pryor, D-Ark., Mary L. Landrieu, D-La., Mark Begich, D-Alaska, Mark Udall, D-Colo., Pat Roberts, R-Kan., Kay Hagan, D-N.C., Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H., Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., Al Franken, D-Minn., Jeff Merkley, D-Ore.

Dr. Milton Wolf May Have Just Helped GOP Take the Senate

Thomas Lifson, American Thinker

Despite having fought a bitter primary battle against incumbent Senator Pat Roberts for all the right reasons, Dr. Milton Wolf has now endorsed him in his race for the Senate.

Will Obama Policies Help Pat Roberts Win?

Thomas Lifson, American Thinker

Pat Roberts may win re-election in Kansas thanks to Obama's first campaign promise. Roberts is showing some political skill while squishy Greg Orman's campaign bumbles on Obama's poison pill.

Tea Party PAC Endorses Pat Roberts In Tough Race

Lindsay Wise, McClatchy Washington Bureau

“There is just too much at stake not to support Pat Roberts,” said Jenny Beth Martin, chairman of the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund PAC. “We reached out to our people in Kansas, and they overwhelmingly supported this endorsement.

Poll Shows Pat Roberts Gaining Ground

Alexandra Jaffe, The Hill

Sen. Pat Roberts has narrowed Greg Orman's lead in the Kansas Senate race according to a new Democratic poll (Public Policy Polling) that shows him consolidating the GOP base. It marks a substantial improvement for Roberts from the last PPP poll, conducted a month ago.

Milton Wolf Should Endorse Pat Roberts for Country

David Catron, American Spectator

If Roberts wins, Wolf will get much of the credit and — more importantly — he will have done his country a signal service by helping to put honest men and women back in control of the Senate.

Tea Party Backing Roberts in Kansas

Seth McLaughlin, Washington Times

Sarah Palin, Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Rand Paul are all helping to generate conservative support for Sen. Pat Roberts’ re-election campaign and now a national Tea Party group is joining the effort.

Centrist GOPers Could Decide Kan. Race

David M. Drucker, Washington Examiner

Sen. Pat Roberts appears to have largely repaired his relationship with base voters since the primary, leaving disaffected centrist R's in Kansas, especially along the I-70 corridor to the east, as the variable that could tip the race to independent Greg Orman.

Palin Tries to Burnish Roberts's Tea Party Bona Fides

Ben Kamisar, The Hill

Sarah Palin hit the stump in Kansas to help rally the party’s base behind Sen. Pat Roberts, one of nation’s most vulnerable GOP Senate incumbents. In an unusual move for Palin, she cast Roberts, who has drawn Tea Party ire in the state, as a staunch conservative.

Pat Roberts Warns of Nat'l Socialism Taking Root

Cheryl K. Chumley, Washington Times

Sen. Pat Robert took on a campaign buddy, former Sen. Bob Dole, at a recent Dodge City event to raise money to keep his Kansas seat, warning those in attendance that it’s not long before America turns the corner on the Constitution and takes on a more permanent socialistic feel.

Desperate Pat Roberts Gets Support From Bush, Palin

Bryan Lowry, Wichita Eagle

The national GOP is doing everything to save the US Kansas Senate seat  (except nominate a good candidate). Pat Roberts will even be joined by Jeb Bush and Sarah Palin in the campaign trail this month.

Is Establishment Disaster Unfolding in Kansas?

Dan Riehl, Breitbart

It should be noted that the poll is from Dem.-aligned Public Policy Polling but if the numbers prove out, the estab. GOP that threw everything it had at propping up an aging Pat Roberts in Kansas during a bruising primary may yet come to regret it.

They Told Me If I Voted for the Estab., This Wouldn't Happen

Leon H. Wolf, Red State

The GOP estab. likes to point out that TEA Party candidates can be bad and unprepared candidates who make missteps in the gen. election. But the evidence doesn't suggest that they're any more so than GOP-E candidates who have a long and storied history of their own missteps. 

How Pat Roberts and the GOP Lost Kansas

Dan Riehl, Breitbart

The Republican Party threw everything they had behind Roberts .... and what did they get for it? Less than 50% of their own base vote, that's what. The anti-Roberts vote was split, not "defeated."

Sen. Pat Roberts Survives Tea Party Challenge

Fox News Staff

Kansas GOP Sen. Pat Roberts became the latest estab. incumbent to fend off a primary challenge from a Tea Party-backed candidate Tues. night, as he survived a late charge by Dr. Milton Wolf. Roberts led Wolf by just under 19,000 votes, winning 48% of the ballots cast to Wolf's 41%. 

KS Senate Race: Positive Conservative Solutions vs. More of the Same

Dr. Milton Wolf, Red State

"A senator should have something far more powerful than just a vote. He should have a voice and use it fearlessly. We need more senators like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee & Rand Paul. After 47 years in Wash., Pat Roberts has mastered the ability to quietly fly under the radar when our nation desperately needed him to fight."

Pat Roberts' Tea Party Foe Gaining in KS

Tarini Parti, Politico

Less than a week before primary day, Kansas Republican Sen. Pat Roberts is still ahead, but he has a real race on his hands against a tea party challenger the establishment had largely written off months ago.

Does the NRSC Vet Its Candidates?

Erick Erickson, Red State

Sen. Thad Cochran got a shady loan deal and the bank president who agreed to the loan serves on Cochran’s fundraising committee and the former CEO of Trustmark is a Cochran donor. Sen. Pat Roberts doesn't even live in the state he's supposed to represent. These scandals have further discredited the NRSC.

Tea Party PAC Backs Wolf in Race vs. Pat Roberts

Suzanne Perez Tobias, The Wichita Eagle

Tea Party Express announced that it is endorsing physician Milton Wolf in his bid to unseat three-term U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts in the state’s Republican primary.

Cruz Backs Group Hoping to Oust McConnell, Roberts, Cochran

Drew MacKenzie, Newsmax

Ted Cruz has angered the GOP estab. by supporting conservative group the Madison Project, which is attempting to replace incumbent Repub. senators with tea party activists in the midterm elections.