Stockman Condemns Amnesty Bill

Stephen Dinan, Washington Times

Rep. Steve Stockman says the Senate bill is a revenue measure that didn’t originate in the House.

The House’s Comprehensive Rejection

Jonathan Strong, National Review Online

The Senate amnesty bill is dead on arrival. But everything else is surprisingly wide open.

Allen West to Test Marco Rubio?

Katie Glueck, Politico

West disagrees with Rubio on amnesty and refused to rule out a potential challenge in 2016.

House GOP’s Aggressive Opening Bid

Fawn Johnson, National Journal

House Repubs are taking a page out of the Obama strategy book in coming out swinging on amnesty.

Nuclear Option Unites Republicans

Burgess Everett, Politico

Senate R’s don’t agree often, but they’re coming together to save the filibuster from Harry Reid.

Steve Lonegan’s Senate Street Fight

Robert Costa, National Review Online

New Jersey isn’t considered a great place for a tea partier to run, but Lonegan could change that.

Cornyn Emerges as Key to 70 Votes

Alexander Bolton, The Hill

The Texas senator’s support for the amnesty bill would theoretically bring many more Republicans.

Rubio and GOP Suckers On The Immigration Bill

Until Senator Marco Rubio actually steps up and offers or supports a border security amendment that clearly articulates his bottom line on the improvements he deems necessary to the Gang of Eight bill, it is hard to see him as anything more than a Judas Goat leading the Senate GOP lambs to slaughter.

Rubio: 60 Votes for Amnesty Bill

Daniel Strauss, The Hill

The Florida Senator predicted on Friday that the Gang Bill had enough votes to avoid a filibuster.

Christie Faces Principled Choice

Alexandra Jaffe, The Hill

Gov. Chris Christie’s pick for the next Senator won’t be politically easy, but it will be crucial.

Will Chris Christie Walk With Conservatives?

The appointment of a conservative to fill the unexpired term of the late Senator Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey could tip the balance in the Senate significantly toward the conservative position on a host of issues. It is vital that we make sure Governor Christie appoints a reliable conservative, not just another business-as-usual Republican politician. Call Governor Christie (his office number in Trenton is 609-292-6000) and urge him to appoint a limited-government constitutional conservative to fill the New Jersey Senate vacancy.

NJ Sen. Lautenberg Dies in Office

Seth McLaughlin, Washington Times

Sen. Frank Lautenberg passed away this morning, Gov. Chris Christie will appoint a successor.

Left Attacks Conservative Woman

Star Parker, WND

NH Sen. Kelly Ayotte has drawn relentless liberal fire since casting her principled pro-gun vote.