Terry McCauliffe

Virginia Republicans To Consider Stripping Gov. McAuliffe Of Protective Detail

Kerry Pickett, Daily Caller

Virginia GOP’ers returned fire over the state Democrat Attorney General Mark Herring’s move to halt recognition of concealed carry permits from 25 different states. “I have a budget amendment that I’m looking at to take away his executive protection unit. If he’s so afraid of guns, then I’m not going to surround him with armed state policemen.”

Ken Cuccinelli Relates to Vets

Steve Vaughan, The Virginia Gazette

Conservative VA guv candidate Cuccinelli touted his program that trains Fed workers on vets issues.

Dems Trying to Demonize Cuccinelli

John Fund, National Review Online

They’re portraying Cuccinelli as a wild-eyed wacko with a sidekick who’s even crazier than he is.