Thom Tillis

Tea Party Candidate Blasts GOP-E's Lack of Conservative Values

Cameron Joseph, The Hill

NC House Speaker Thom Tillis (R) and Tea Party favorite Greg Brannon (R) tussled throughout their first primary debate Tues., sparring over gun control, ObamaCare and other issues. Brannon repeatedly attacked Tillis's conservative credentials, arguing he wasn't right enough on a raft of issues.

Rove Appearance Riles Tea Party in NC Senate Primary

Bloomberg News Staff

DC Repubs. wanted NC House Speaker Thom Tillis to quickly win the party’s Senate nom. and focus entirely on vulnerable Dem. incumbent Kay Hagan. But fundraisers he held late last year with Karl Rove turned off activists in the limited-gov't movement.

ObamaCare: Community Organizing the Train Wreck

While the national Republican establishment apparently assumes that the ObamaCare train wreck will simply hand votes to establishment Republican candidates, on the ground things are different. Conservatives have figured out that “it’s the primaries stupid” and there’s a real fight going on to make sure principled limited government constitutional conservatives come out on top.