Until Leftists Come to Grips With Why Hillary Lost, Trump Will Keep Winning

Ben Shapiro, CNS News

Clinton represents a nasty, vengeful take on populations she has trouble winning over. That nastiness has filtered through the Democratic Party, which is firmly convinced that it'd be better off drilling down into population groups it thinks are interested in tearing down the system along with them than reaching out to populations it has lost. If Democrats continue with that quest, they'll alienate the very voters who gave Trump victory in 2016.

Trump and Obama: Who's really tougher on Russia?

Byron York, Washington Examiner

There are Republicans who would like to see the Trump administration be tougher still on Russia. Long before the 2016 election, they urged Bush and Obama to take a harder line against Putin. There is still much that President Trump could do. But when it comes to comparing Trump and Obama, those Republicans ask that Americans look at the whole picture, and not just a fight over Facebook ads.

Trump Releases Obamacare Hostages

David Catron, The American Spectator

Once the Trump administation's proposed rule is implemented, in 60 days, Americans will be able to buy health plans that conform to their own needs rather than the whims of Washington politicians. And, because this coverage won’t be loaded down with useless “benefits” that many consumers don’t want, their premiums will be lower than the price of a typical Obamacare plan.

Trump, Reagan and the Facts of History: Let’s Put the Alzheimer’s Lie to Bed

Craig Shirley, CNS News

Call it the Reagan Rule: It’s unethical to diagnose the mental health of a president whose doctors diagnosed him as perfectly fit and has been dead for nearly fifteen years. Because if Reagan did – and we must emphasize he did not – have early stages of Alzheimer’s in the 1980s, then that would include as big a conspiracy and cover up as JFK. Reagan had four physicians personally check on him, and every report came back stellar.

Regulatory Onslaught of Bush and Obama Years Has Finally Abated

Daniel Mitchell, CNS News

Trump has out-performed my expectations on the regulatory issue. But I don’t care about that. I’m more interested in a freer and more prosperous America. Red tape accounts for 20 percent of a nation’s grade according to Economic Freedom of the World. If the current deregulatory momentum is sustained, the United States will rise in the rankings and Americans will be richer.

Trump, Mattis turn military loose on ISIS, leaving terror caliphate in tatters

Hollie McKay, Fox News

ISIS has been routed from Iraq and Syria with an ease and speed that's surprised even the men and women who carried out the mission. Experts say it's a prime example of a campaign promise kept. President Trump scrapped his predecessor’s rules of engagement, which critics say hamstrung the military, and let battlefield decisions be made by the generals in the theater, and not bureaucrats in Washington.

Mueller Investigation: Politics, Not Law Enforcement or Counterintelligence

Andrew C. McCarthy, National Review

Mueller’s investigation is a semblance of law-enforcement disguising the brute reality that Trump is being punished for winning the election and defying Obama policy. If that is the way the game is going to be played, if the purpose of a special-counsel “collusion” investigation is to humiliate the opposition party by exposing its wayward foreign-policy objectives and unsavory horse-trading, then let’s investigate Obama and Iran.

Harvey Will Be the Turning Point of the Trump Presidency

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

No matter the motivations, or the scores that might or might not need settling, this country and its 325 million citizens remain. Many of them are doing miraculous things for their fellow citizens in the flood waters of Texas and now Louisiana. They are pleased and often proud to have a president who is wholeheartedly supporting them. You should be too. Who knows what will happen?  But rooting for American greatness wouldn't hurt.

Steve Bannon faces uncertain future in Trump White House

Sarah Westwood, Washington Examiner

Although Bannon has previously found himself at the center of internal power struggles over access and influence in the West Wing, people familiar with the situation say Bannon currently faces what could be the most serious challenge to his role so far thanks to Kelly's preference for McMaster and to the recent ouster of his closest internal ally, former chief of staff Reince Priebus.

Democrats, some Republicans slam new Trump-backed immigration bill. But voters like it.

Byron York, Washington Examiner

The Cotton-Perdue bill has, of course, been slammed by Democrats, but it has also been criticized by the Republicans who wrote the Senate Gang of Eight bill in 2013, the last (unsuccessful) effort to pass comprehensive immigration reform. Such opinions track those of many Democrats. But if the new poll is correct -- and it is in line with similar surveys going back years -- the bill's authors have the voters on their side.

Special Counsel Means Congress Must Start Legislating

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

Congress should absolutely go back to their day job -- enacting legislation -- immediately. It might be hard work and less glamorous than pontificating about the state of the nation or the malfeasances of the current administration -- they may actually have to read something -- but it was what they were elected to do, what we pay them to do. The high-profile investigations can go on hold while Mueller goes about his work.

Obamacare repeal gives senators a break from Trump scandals

Robert King, Washington Examiner

Replacing Obamacare has become a pleasant topic for Senate Republicans, who are being bombarded with questions about President Trump's scandals. Lawmakers are relishing the chance to avoid talking about the Comey memo, Trump's firing of Comey a week ago and news that Trump gave highly classified intelligence to top Russian officials.

Trump Must Nix HHS Mandate

Bill Donohue, CNS News

The majority of Catholics voted for Donald Trump, and many did so because he identified himself as pro-life and ran against a candidate who justified partial-birth abortion. He also said he would rescind the HHS mandate that makes Catholic non-profits complicit in providing for abortion-inducing drugs, sterilization, and contraception in their healthcare plans. Now his Justice Department is balking on this issue.

Susan Rice’s White House Unmasking: A Watergate-style Scandal

Andrew C. McCarthy, National Review

The national-security adviser is not an investigator. She is a White House staffer. The president’s staff is a consumer of intelligence, not a generator or collector of it. If Susan Rice was unmasking Americans, it was not to fulfill an intelligence need based on American interests; it was to fulfill a political desire based on Democratic-party interests.

An Obama Plot Against Trump?

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

So far, the Russia-connection investigation has proven a dry hole. But an investigation into who in the FBI, CIA, or NSA is unmasking U.S. citizens and criminally leaking information to a Trump-hating press to destroy a president they are sworn to serve could prove to be a gusher. What did Barack Obama know, and when did he know it?

Time to Investigate Obama, not Just Trump

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

Any legitimate investigation by a congressional committee or anyone else must encompass both Obama and Trump.  This is a two-part story.  If both parties are not investigated -- they cannot be separated -- this is no more than a partisan show.  Further, the press cannot even faintly be trusted to investigate or adjudicate this matter.  Their bias is so overwhelming it would sink the Titanic twice.

So Who Fact-Checks the Fact-Checkers?

Debra J. Saunders, The American Spectator

A recent NBC News poll shows that a mere 11 percent of voters would describe Clinton as “honest and trustworthy.” Yet in a complete repudiation of public sentiment, PolitiFact’s rating for Hillary Clinton finds her statements are true or mostly true half the time, half-true 22 percent of the time and false or mostly false 26 percent of the time — but “pants-on-fire” false 2 percent of the time.

Trump assumes GOP mantle with Indiana win

Rebecca Berg, Real Clear Politics

Until recently, it seemed possible, if not likely, that Cruz would keep Trump short of the requisite number of delegates, forcing a scramble for support at an open convention. But a sense of inevitability began to build within the past few weeks for Trump, as he dominated in New York’s primary and then in contests throughout the Northeast.

Ted Cruz is right about Trump’s New York values

David Marcus, The Federalist

Cruz is right. Trump has, and in his own words is, a product of, New York values. Most of us who live in New York, even conservatives, share and have pride in these values. But then again, most of us never expect to be the Republican nominee for president of the United States.

GOP Establishment Senators Would Back Trump if Nominee

Alexander Bolton, The Hill

Trump has become a headache for Republican leaders in Washington, who question his electability but won’t criticize him publicly because he’s popular with the base and they fear he may wage a third-party bid. Still, even GOP senators who have been at the wrong end of the Republican frontrunner’s barbs say they’ll back him if he becomes their nominee.