War in Afghanistan

Administration Should Speed Military Withdrawal From Afghanistan

In Afghanistan Washington and its allies built a large government bureaucracy and security force in Kabul, but on a potential foundation of sand. The Afghan government is noted for venality, incompetence, and corruption. Keeping US forces in the country is not necessary to confront al-Qaeda, which largely has disappeared from Afghanistan. 

Afghanistan Least Supported War in History

Courtney Coren, Newsmax

Fewer than 20% of Americans support the war in Afghanistan, making the longest conflict in the nation's history the least supported war as well, a new CNN poll reveals.

Time to Leave Afghanistan

Americans should thank Afghanistan's ungrateful President Hamid Karzai for giving Washington a shove.

Pentagon Shut Down Military Charity

Ken Klukowski, Breitbart

An online charity that aids deployed troops was forced to close due to intimidation from U.S. military leadership.