Wisconsin Club for Growth

Walker: Media Looking at Campaign Probe Backwards

Mario Trujillo, The Hill

Gov. Scott Walker (R) insisted that the criminal investigation against him has already been dismissed. Prosecutors accuse Walker and his aides of a concerted effort to sidestep campaign finance laws and illegally coordinating with outside groups.

Wis. Club for Growth Sues State Over Conservative Targeting

Philip Klein, Washington Examiner

Conserv. activist Eric O'Keefe, dir. of WI Club for Growth, filed a lawsuit against a state agency for its involvement in a secret probe against conservative groups. At issue is an investigation into political activity in the '12 recall elections conducted in secret under WI's John Doe laws.

Win For Walker: Judge Halts Investigation Into Conservatives

M.D. Kittle, Watchdog.org

The "John Doe" investigation into conservatives is dead...for now. The probe had been looking into possible illegal coordination between conservative groups and GOP Gov. Scott Walker's recall election campaign, but came under fire for the opaque way it was conducted.