articles of impeachment

Trump’s Official Answer To Democrats’ Articles Of Impeachment

House Democrats’ impeachment articles are constitutionally invalid and the result of a lawless process devoid of even the most basic due process. The toll-free Capitol Switchboard number (1-866-220-0044), we urge CHQ readers and friends to call their Senators to demand that the Senate expeditiously hear and reject the Democrats’ anti-constitutional attempt to impeach President Trump.

Is Hunter Biden Closer To Testifying In Senate Impeachment Trial?

Speaking on Sunday's political talk shows, Republican Senator Ted Cruz and Democrat Senator Sharrod Brown came to opposite conclusions about whether Hunter Biden would be called to testify in President Trump's Senate impeachment trial. Sen. Cruz said Democrats were terrified and would never let it happen, while Sen. Brown said he was OK with the idea as part of a witness reciprocity deal.

Pelosi Caves

Byron York, Washington Examiner

She didn't get any say over the structure of the Senate trial. No, the holdout was not responsible for the emergence of new evidence. No, there is no assurance that the trial will be "fair." But Pelosi did grab headlines. And she may believe that she kept Republicans off balance and rattled the president. Maybe she did, although she certainly did not rattle McConnell. NAfter so much talk about the grave constitutional responsibility of impeachment, about her prayerfulness, about the urgency of acting immediately to remove the president, after all that, Pelosi could not have said, "We're going to mess with Trump for a while. See you next year." Now, the holdout is apparently coming to an end.

Articles establish nothing impeachable and allege no crime

Rep. Doug Collins, USA Today

The most dangerous lie told by leading Democrats is that the president stands guilty until proven innocent. An extension of that lie made by multiple Democrats is that only a guilty person would resist being railroaded. When Pelosi puts the onus on the president to produce “information that demonstrates his innocence in all of this,” the Speaker of the People’s House is denying an American the presumption of innocence. Pelosi has championed the political impeachment — divorced from facts and fairness — the Founders warned us against. She hasn’t proved anything impeachable, so she’s shifting the burden of proof to the accused. That may be the most un-American lie we've ever witnessed.