California primary

Signs of Life in California Electorate?

Steven Greenhut, The American Spectator

If Republicans are serious about rebuilding their brand in California, they need to recognize reality and make some important distinctions. Cox’s strong second-place showing in the state’s top-two primary system, whereby the top two vote-getters advance to general election regardless of party, is good news for the GOP and conservatives for various reasons. In many ways, a decent old Republican way that fits somewhere between Trump populism and Schwarzenegger-style moderation made a resurgence in California on Tuesday. That’s a good thing.

California results suggest blue wave has crested and ebbed

Michael Barone, Washington Examiner

The latest results, taken together with the generic ballot — polls asking which party’s House candidate you’ll vote for — tend to undercut the many gleeful predictions of a blue wave that produces a big Democratic majority in the House and perhaps the Senate as well. Opinion can shift: perhaps another blue wave is building. But the one almost everyone was expecting six months ago seems to have crested and ebbed.