civil liberties

The Beauty Queen View of America

John Hayward, Red State

Miss USA pageant contestants gave PC answers on current issues, but should we blame them?

Police Block DC Tea Party Rallies

Mike Flynn, Breitbart

TP Patriots say the police are intimidating and violating their rights to assembly and association. 

Civil Liberties: A GOP Civil War?

W. James Antle III, American Conservative

As Repubs reject Obama's national-security state, neocons target the party's libertarian wing.

Price of the Surveillance State

Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal

Too many things are happening that are making a lot of us feel a new distance from our country.

NSA Scandal Pits Patriots v. Poseurs

Steven Greenhut, Human Events

Rand Paul rebuked the Feds’ phone record scans as unconstitutional. Why aren’t more joining in?

Big Brother Says Open Your Mouth

Sen. Rand Paul, American Conservative

Thanks to the Supreme Court, your DNA as well as your data is at risk from overreaching government.

Has The New York Times Joined The Tea Party?

If the editors of the New York Times had the real commitment to honesty, integrity, and constitutional principles that Tea Partiers have, they would be reporting and breaking news on the front page every day about Obama’s threats to freedom -- instead of just once a month buried inside on the editorial page.