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Former Redskin Not Tempering TEAParty Views

Mark Pace, Washington Times

Former Redskin tight end Clint Didier is not tempering his staunch tea party views in his bid for a House seat in the Washington’s 4th congressional district, even though his opponent is a fellow Repub. looking to scoop up all of the district’s voters to the left of Mr. Didier.

How Republicans Can Capture The Youth Vote In 30 Seconds

GOP congressional candidate Marilinda Garcia is surging in New Hampshire in part because her campaign recognizes that big chunks of the youth vote want change and they define that change in conservative terms.

Ted Cruz Confident About Chances Of NH Hopeful Marilinda Garcia

Hillary Vaughn, Fox News Latino

Marilinda Garcia, a NH state representative and the GOP favorite in Tuesday's primary, would face off against Democratic incumbent Ann McLane Kuster (NH02) in November's general election.

Conservative Senate Candidates Outperformed Expectations In 2014

Goldwater Conservative, Red State

Polling indicates that on a per-dollar basis, constitutional conservatives running for the Senate fared far better than establishment candidates. Polling also indicates that these candidates vastly outperformed their polling expectations.

Ken Cuccinelli Defends Tea Party Losses

Alex Pappas, Daily Caller

“At the end of the day, statistically, I think, and now I’m talking in the whole group, it was pretty lucky on their part,” Ken Cuccinelli, the former Repub. attorney general of VA and new president of the Senate Conservatives Fund said of the incumbent victors. “It was a statistical anomaly.”

Run Laura Run

Rumors keep swirling that Laura Ingraham is considering a run for public office. We don’t care what the office or district we say “Run Laura Run!” SIGN OUR PETITION URGING LAURA INGRAHAM TO RUN FOR OFFICE!

Will Laura Ingraham Run For Office?

Toby Harnden, Real Clear Politics

Ingraham hinted that her forays into Republican primary races this year could be the foundation for a political career of her own. "I've been approached by various people to get involved," she said. "I'm keeping an open mind about running for office in the future." 

Dems Deploy Their Mississippi Strategy Against Hice

Erick Erickson, Red State

An outside group mailed Dems absentee ballot applications. The piece explains that there's no chance a Dem. will win in the district and the only way to stop conservatives from winning is to support moderate Mike Collins. Moderate & liberal Repubs.

Lamar Alexander Amnesty Vote Encouraged Illegal Alien Invasion

Joe Carr has nailed the crisis that incumbent Republican Senator Lamar Alexander's vote for amnesty has helped create: it is a crisis for American workers and their children who will be entering the job market in competition with the illegal aliens flooding our southern border.

Sasse Surged to Victory After Anti-Estab. Backed Him

Tony Lee, Breitbart

Neb. GOP Senate nominee Ben Sasse may not see himself as an establishment slayer, but Neb.'s primary voters may have given him a dominating 27-point victory on Tues. to send a message to the Wash. Repub. establishment.

Allen West: I'm Considering a Run for President

The Right Scoop Staff

In response to a question from Ben Shapiro on AM 870′s Morning Answer, Allen West admits he's considering a run for the presidency out of respect for all of those who have asked him to run. However, he cautions that just because he’s considering it doesn’t mean he’s going to actually do it.

Conservatives Won Two Defining Battles In The War For The Soul Of The GOP

No matter how hard the GOP establishment tries to spin it to the contrary, in the face of the third place finishes of the GOP establishment’s handpicked candidates in Nebraska and West Virginia, the May 13 Republican primary results were a huge victory for grassroots limited government constitutional conservatives.

Social Conservatives Post Wins in Ind. Legis. Races

Barb Berggoetz, and Tony Cook, IndyStar

Social conservatives won several key Indiana Statehouse races in Tues.'s primary, ousting 2 incumbents and defending others. Two GOP-E mems., Kathy Heuer and Rebecca Kubacki, were defeated by wide margins by Christopher Judy and Curt Nisly after opposing an amendment to ban same-sex marriage.

CHQ Endorses Greg Brannon For Senate In North Carolina

If North Carolina Republicans want to take back the Senate and govern America according to conservative principles we urge them to vote for Dr. Greg Brannon in next Tuesday’s Republican Senate Primary.

McDaniel 1st to Sign Anti-Amnesty Pledge

Matthew Boyle, Breitbart

Mississippi state senator Chris McDaniel endorsed a new pledge from the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) Monday, vowing to oppose amnesty for illegal aliens as well as increases to legal immigration. McDaniel encouraged opponent Thad Cochran to sign it.

RINO-FEVER: Selling out We The People & Why It's an Epidemic

Traverse City Conservative, Red State

There have always been RINOs but it seems like there have been more and more lately – and Repubs. that started out by being “Tea Party” candidates and have totally sold out their Conservative base, not to mention the American people.

Pete Peterson: A Conservative Idealist Winning in Cali.

Joel B. Pollack, Breitbart

Amidst the general gloom about GOP electoral fortunes in California, came some good news last week: Pete Peterson, director of the Davenport Institute for Public Engagement and Civic Leadership at Pepperdine Univ., is leading the race for Secretary of State by double digits. 

Cruz Makes 1st Endorsement of '14 In GOP Primary

Blake Neff, The Hill

Sen. Ted Cruz made his first endorsement in a GOP primary this year, throwing his support to Oklahoma Senate candidate T.W. Shannon (R).

Conservative Challenger to Corbett Can Be on Ballot

Karen Langley, Post-Gazette

A judge has rejected an effort, backed by the state Repub. Party, to remove a conservative GOP challenger, Bob Guzzardi, to Gov. Tom Corbett from the primary ballot. Guzzardi described his candidacy as a chance for proponents of limited gov't to register dissatisfaction with the GOP-E.