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In Wisconsin Trump Hits the Limit of His Stream of Consciousness Campaign

The arrest of Donald Trump’s campaign manager for grabbing a female reporter, and Trump’s ridiculous attempts to lie and tweet him out of the rap in the face of clear video evidence drove Trump’s numbers with women even lower. But Trump hit the limit of his stream of consciousness campaign with the truly bizarre statement that women who have an abortion should somehow be punished if abortion is illegal.

The Democrats’ Vicious Conspiracy to Destroy Rush Limbaugh

The left has developed a new form of terrorism and Rush Limbaugh is the terrorists first target.

Dems Latest Attempt to Force Rush Off Air= Epic FAIL

Jake, Red State

What we have here is yet more Astroturf from the people who are experts at creating it. They don’t have popular support for their ideas, so they are trying to create an illusion that there is mass repudiation of Limbaugh.

Levin:Patriot Was Replaces By Boehner Lackey

Breitbart News Staff

Mark Levin blasted the Repub. establishment for purging the conservative wing in the House and for lashing out against the grassroots conservatives and blue-collar Americans outside the beltway that listen to his show.